November 1, 2011

30 Days: Day 1

2 years ago, I did the whole 30 Days of Thanks.  And I loved it.  For one, it made me blog every day and it made me actually think about all the many things I am truly grateful for.

Last year, instead of 30 Days of Thanks, I did a scheduled Meme called 30 Days of Truth.  It was intense and hard that's what she said and I really had to put myself out there.

This year, methinks, I'm going to go another direction and do another list I found, but this one involves some pictures!  So that will be fun!  I'd like to apologize in advance for the baby weight that will not go makes me mad.  Do not be fooled here, people.  These are my real life pictures, not People of Walmart alright?!  I swear I'm gonna lose this weight eventually and I promise I'll dress appropriately until I do.  

Anyway, let's get started here with day 1, shall we?

How recent do we want here?  Halloween 2011?
 My big fat birfday, October 27?

Or October sometime ish, 2011.

And as far as interesting, well, I cannot promise that.  However, here are 15 known/unknown facts about moi.

  1. I love the theatre.  I love singing, I love acting, I love stage managing and I love costuming.  I love striking the set, I love hair and makeup.  I wish I had the time and means to actually participate in the theatre again.  Perhaps someday.
  2. I love all things girly.  Pink, clothes, jewelry, shoes, makeup, hair, girl talk, sappy movies, tanning, SHOES, hair bows, artificial nails, I love it all.  It is a far cry from where I was 10 years ago for sure, but I am a sissified tweety bird now!
  3. I have a love/hate relationship with food.  I can lose weight like a champion when I put my mind to it...but my mind really likes ice cream too...or maybe it's my tummy.  Either way, I have the willpower when I need it.
  4. I am a Mormon.  My husband is not.  Deal with it.
  5. I hate my teeth.  They are the bane of my existence.  I have 9 crowns, soon to be 11.  If I had all the money in the world, I would be investing in some serious veneers...and new boobs...but that's beside the point.  My teeth suck the end.
  6. I am a rock star of an accountant.  Just for our personal finances right now, but someday I will be one in real life and it will be super awesome...or a math teacher...either way I likes me some numbers.
  7. I love people, I love making friends, and I really hate it when someone doesn't like me or is upset with me.  My heart is apparently the size of my head and it hurts a lot when I disappoint people.  Hence the reason I am usually the ultimate accommodator, and I get used more often than not.  
  8. I have a crazy mad stupid temper.  It's not pretty and there are very few people outside my little family that have seen it.  Uh, very few as in 2.  Mostly, I suppose, due to the aforementioned fact.  Sad that the people I love the most have to see the worst in me.  I am gonna work on that.
  9. I love to bake.  I love to experiment with tastes and make my treats the best there are ever!  I make a mean birthday cake and I decorate the old school way, with a pastry bag and decorator tips.  My family gets some good lookin' cakes, I tell you what.
  10. I miss my Gramma more than anything.  She's not dead by any stretch of the imagination, but she lives about 5 or six hours away from us.  She and I are basically best friends and I would do anything in my power to live closer to her.
  11. I know basically nothing about history.  I suck at remembering facts and more than once has my husband laughed at my inability to retain knowledge.  Put those facts to music, however, and they're in the vault.  Song lyrics and movie quotes are all I've got up in the old noggin.
  12. We don't have real TV and I sort of love it.  We moved here and didn't ever have it because my husband wanted to wire the house his way.  We had PBS and whatever we could get on the antenna, but noting much.  Then we got cable.  Then we decided we were wasting money because we rarely watched it, so we got rid of it.  Now we have Netflix and I am not even sad about it.  TV blah blah.
  13. I am smarter than I look.
  14. I miss working.  I miss having a job outside the house.  I feel useless and lame sometimes.  But I adore my kids more than anything ever.  I get a sort of high when I play with them and am so lucky.  I'd be willing to eat Mac and Cheese or Ramen every night for dinner if it meant I get to stay home and hang out with my kids.  They are the best there is.
  15. I drive a mini van.  And I basically hate it, except for the fact that I secretly love it.  



Mitch, Manda, and the girls said...

Camie you are a super woman! Love it! Thanks for the honesty. I really feel like I know ya a little better. =)

Stephy said...

I am PROUD to say that I knew 13 out of 15 things about you! Holla! [6 & 8 did not know!]

I love #4. You tell 'em girl! DEAL WITH IT!

Can we talk about 13 for a look SUPER smart, so if you're smarter than you look - wowza. My mind was just blown by your smartness. [<--that's a word. yup.]

Also, love you like a Gramma loves the Red Angry Bird.