March 26, 2011

Vintage Baby Dresses

SO I made a couple more dresses today.
No big deal.
But they are super dooper cute!
Go check them out if you feel so inclined.
They're over on the ol' crafty blog.
And man oh man, are they cute.
Did I say that already?
Because they really are.
But then again, anything that tiny is bound to be adorable, right?


March 24, 2011

Friday Confessional


Hi friends.
I've been absent the past couple Fridays.
My bad.
I don't even have a good excuse.
Laziness mixed in with a good dose of pregnancy brain??
Yes, let's go with that.
Anyway, on with the show!

I confess... 
  • I've been a rotten housewife lately.
  • My bathroom needs to be cleaned.
  • Again!
  • Sheesh, it's like every week it's the same old story!
  • I just JUST cleaned it!
  • Can't it just stay clean all by itself.
  • Honestly, bathroom.  Honestly.
  • Last Thursday we got Thom to ourselves all day long!
  • It was awesome.
  • It was also St. Patrick's Day.
  • So I made some rainbow pancakes.

  • They were pretty.
  • And pretty darn delicious!
  • I used a recipe I found here.

  • They're basically my new favorite.
  • Okay, OUR new favorite.
  • Even when they're not colored.
  • Did the boys love a huge stack of pancakes for breakfast?

  • Dare I say yes they did.

  • They did indeed.
  • I made a dress yesterday.
  • It's cute.
  • WAY cute.
  • So today, I made an equally cute counterpart to go with it.
  • No really, it's super cute.

  • There's a little sneak peek for ya.
  • I basically love them.
  • And I gotta say, they look pretty adorable on the bear.

  • This is the bear I bought for Ian to use in his monthly pictures for the first year.
  • They were pretty close to the same size when he was born.
  • So I'd say it's a pretty fair judge.

  • Also, I just really can't wait to dress this little girl up.

  • Also, I played dress up with a stuffed bear.
  •  Oh, let's just never speak of this again.


March 23, 2011

Baby Dress

I made something tonight.
It's really cute.
And by really cute I mean tiny and delicious.
And it's for the Baby Girl.
So you know it's gotta be adorable, right?!
Go check it out here.
PS prepare yourself for some serious tiny goodness.


March 8, 2011

What Kids Really Hear

I saw this video on a blog that I read and just had to share.
I was literally laughing out loud.
And so was Thom.
And thats saying a lot.
So watch it and enjoy.
Have a good day!


March 4, 2011

Friday Confessional


Hello friends!
It's that time again!
I know you were all waiting on pins and needles for this one...
*enter sarcastic tone*
ANYWAY here we go.

I confess...
  • I have been spending the week in the great white, uh west??
  • It was Izacc's spring break so we decided to pay Gramma and Papa a visit.
  • It's been fun.
  • And cold.
  • And snowy.
  • I haven't put makeup on in days.
  • I taught the boys to lift up their shirts when they say "spring break"
  • I think it's hilarious.
  • Albeit inappropriate.
  • But if you don't know that about me by now, well, you must be living under a rock.
  • Or whatever.
  • We've had a lot of fun.
  • We took a small road trip, went shopping, saw my brother and his, uh, girlfriend??
  • Can I call her that??
  • Or just friend who is a girl...
  • Either way I like her and she is super fantastic.
  • And she kept Izacc occupied which is a feat all on it's own!
  • I had a confessional for last week started.
  • It's still sitting in my drafts.
  • I can't remember why I didn't post it...
  • I was probably WAY busy doing something SUPER important.
  • You know.
  • No actually, I was busy!  
  • I was doing hair!
  • So there, judging blog!
  • I did have something other than you to deal with.
  • Which is actually the case most days
  • Ha ha 
  • I suck at blogging.
  • It's all good though.
  • I'll get caught up one of these days...
  • Hopefully before Belly comes...
  • Otherwise, well, let's be honest here.
  • If I can't get it done with two, doesn't even seem plausible with three.
  • So here's hoping. 
  • Not to be confused with hopping, because if I were to do that I may loose all bladder control.
  • And no one wants to see a sad pregnant woman wet her pants, do they?!
  • I didn't think so.
So go link up and play along!  Seriously, all the cool kids are doing it!!