November 5, 2011

Who Is Cuter?!

This post brought to you by Puppies vs. Babies. All opinions are 100% mine.


So you've all met my Amelia right?  (And by met I really mean seen pictures of because let's be honest here, you all are mostly far, far away and actually meeting her in person would be somewhat of a feat.  Also, I don't let her out much.  She doesn't talk to people and she's horrible with names!)

Anyway, my Amelia.  How stinking cute is this baby girl?!  Am I right?!  I dare say the's the cutest thing since, well, since I had my last baby anyway.

However, have you ever seen a picture of Zoe when she was a brand new puppy?  She melted my little heart.  She was my first baby and she was so SO cute!  I let her sleep in my bed and I snuggled her and dressed her up in ridiculous outfits.  I even gave her birthday cake.

So here's the thing.  Which is cuter?  Puppies vs. Babies?

Babies poop in diapers, stinky mess contained.  Puppies poop on the floor, stinky mess under the dining room table not contained, which leaves Mommy angry because she has to clean up said stinky mess.  *Babies one, puppies zero.*  Babies can't feed themselves, puppies can.  *Babies one, puppies one.*  Babies can learn to smile and wave and giggle and grab on to your finger.  Puppies can roll around and play with toys and can speak and sit and beg and even dance on their hind legs.  *Crap.  Babies two, puppies two.*  You can dress a baby up in super cute, small clothes, but puppies also fit into adorable small clothes.  *Babies and puppies tied at three*   Both grow up and are turn into dogs or even worse, teenagers.  They're just not as cute as when they were brand new and small.  So, what we have here, my friends, is an impasse.  Which is cuter?!  The world may never know...or will they?

Enter Puppies vs. Babies online contest, a website you can go to and vote for who you think is the more cute of the two; small canines or young humans.  That's right.  Voting goes until November 23rd and the winning baby OR puppy gets a cool $5,000!!  Can you even believe it?!

I defy you to look at a puppy OR a baby and not "awww!"  I submit that you cannot.  Who will be the ultimate champion though?  It's up to YOU to decide!  So go vote and come back here and tell me who you voted for because I am super curious and DYING to know!

Do you want to know who I voted for?!!??!

Well, okay, here's the thing.  I love me some puppies. And I think they are so sweet and cute and they have "puppy breath" which smells so SO good!  And have you ever seen a bulldog puppy?!  I might be willing to sell my soul to the devil for a bulldog puppy.  Honestly.

And there are some babies out there that are, um, how you say, just not cute.  I mean you look at them and really all they've got going for them is that they're small.  Some look like old men, some look like those google-eyed chickens on Rio, and some have features that they will *hopefully* grow into. "She's so tiny!" you say as not to be a liar pants.

But if I had to choose, I've gotta say I'm going with babies.  No offense to all those dog-loving mamas out there, but babies can giggle and babies can smile and once they get out of their creepy alien baby-lookin' stage, they are pretty darn irresistible.  Also they don't shed and they can look at you and say "mama" which, in my opinion, is the best thing in the whole wide world EVER.  Ever.

But don't let me sway your thinking!  Go vote right now!  Let your voice be heard!  Have some fun and let's put this ago-old question to rest, shall we?!



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becca said...

good post

Saimi said...

Okay so here's the deal. ALL puppies are cute no matter how ugly the breed. They were made that way so by the time they grow up and loose the puppy look and yes the breath, we are too attached and love them regardless their look.

It doesn't matter if a baby is born less attractive, everyone is attracted to a baby no matter what he/she looks like....

You can't go wrong either way!

Saimi said...

Ops I meant to say lose I accidentally added an extra o, sorry.