February 23, 2011

Super Sweet Deal

Hey friends!
So I was just catching up on the old reader and came across a super deal I thought you should know about.
Well, some of you at least.
But who am I to say who can and cannot know about super sweet deals?!
So here ya go.
There's a super cute website, Beanie Designs, that sells the most aDoRaBlE hats and headbands and just all around sweetness.
AND if you use the promo code offbeatmamma, you can get 50% off your entire order!!
I just bought a bunch of stuff for Belly and spent, uh, $12.00.
Thats right.
Try and handle all this cuteness!!

Oh and PS shipping is FREEEEEEE!!!!
So go check it out and try not to spend a million dollars!
Or twelve.

Thanks to Erika for sharing this super fantastic deal!

Belly's gonna look so dang cute!


February 21, 2011

All About the Belly

Well, here we are.  More than halfway through this bad boy and I seriously feel like I've been pregnant FOREVER!!  People are always complaining about how fast time has been going lately and I've come up with a way to combat said problem.
 Get pregnant.

Anyway, I have not been so diligent with the taking of the pictures.
With the boys, I took a picture every month, on the dot.
Not so much with this one.
Sorry Belly.
In all fairness, though, there really hasn't been much difference.
Here I am at oh 9 weeks.

Please oh please ignore the knock knees and oh so sexy hair...

AND here I am at 22 weeks...
I know, right?!  Where's the baby!?!?
It's kinda funny, I've basically got nothing here.
Let's compare, shall we?

Here I am at 22 weeks with Izacc and with Ian.

Boy oh boy was I large and in charge!  Sheesh!

So for all of you who have been asking where the belly pictures are, well, here ya are.
Not much to see here, people.
I'll for sure post when things get real here though, which I have a feeling could be any day...
Yikes.  I'm like a ticking time bomb!


February 20, 2011

Belly Quilt

Um hi.
There is nothing about this little quilt that I don't love.
Every time I see the colors it makes me happy.
So unbelievably happy.
I joked with my friend Steph that I would make her a human sized one.
I'm thinking it's not such a bad idea!
I could snuggle up really nice with one of these.
And also, the list would have to be a lot longer.
You know, things like laundry, dishes, vacuuming,
Well, you get the point.
Nonetheless I adore this.
I got the idea from Vanessa  V and Co.
More details on how I got this done over here.
But seriously, how much is Belly going to LOVE getting this thing messy, am I right?!
Um yeah. Can't wait.

February 18, 2011

Friday Confessional


Hello again, pals!  Come here often?
Yeah, me either.
But its Friday again, 
and that means it's time for me to dump my baggage on you.
Sorry about that.
You may leave now if you feel so inclined.
But here we go.

I confess...
  • I'm de-stressing.
  • I'm de-stressing my life.
  • I mean, I know thats a good thing to do in general.
  • But my weekly baby growing email told me this week,
  • And I quote,
  • "Stress during pregnancy is quite literally BAD for your baby's developing brain. It's time to clean out the toxic relationships and situations in your life for your sake and your child's sake."
  • So bye bye drama!
  • I'm peacing out!
  • At least for the next few months anyway.
  • If you're gonna start something with me
  • I'll be the one walking the other way.
  • If I have any toxic relationships
  • Consider them dissolved.
  • Here's to a more peaceful life.
  • Can't wait.
  • My phone sucks.
  • Apparently my brothers have been trying to call me
  • And it doesn't even ring.
  • Or it doesn't show up as a missed call unless they leave me a voice mail.
  • Lame.
  • I swear I'm not screening ALL my calls!
  • :)
  • Can't wait to get new phones,
  • Which is supposedly going to be any day.
  • Just waiting on them to get here...
  • But the moral of the story is if you call and I don't answer
  • At least I'll know you called!
  • Stinking phone.
  • I've got a bad problem.
  • It's called I want to make everything under the sun for this little bundle in the tummy.
  • I read my favorite crafty blogs and am constantly finding cute things that she NEEDS!!
  • I had to go buy fabric because I couldn't contain myself anymore.
  • I'm currently making one of these
  • I'm almost done.
  • Pictures to come, I promise. 
  • I've also become a crazy lady with a list of things that have to be done before June.
  • Like we need to paint the stairway.
  • And build a wall in the family/dining room.
  • And get a bunk bed.
  • And finish my other baby's baby book.
  • Oh man.
  • What was it I was saying about de-stressing?!
  • I can't get my brain to stop moving.
  • Maybe I should make a list and that way it will be out of the old noggin.
  • The hubby will be here on weekends here in a few weeks.
  • Let the renovations commence says I!
  • I make a great foreman.
  • Not by my choice, of course.
  • If it were up to me I'd be out there right now tearing down old paneling and building me a wall as we speak.
  • Oh well.
  • Belly rules the world these days.
  • And I do love it.

February 11, 2011

Friday Confessional


Oh sweet Friday, how I have grown to dislike you.  It's not your fault, Friday, please don't take it personally.  It's just that another Friday means another weekend of absent husband, which means boo.
Don't worry, Friday, I can be a bit fickle.
We'll be best friends again in about 4 weeks.
Until then, here's another sad and lonely confession.

I confess...
  • I am emotionally and physically drained.
  • The last two weeks have been some for the record books.
  • On a happy note, though, no sick kids.
  • So it's not been all bad!
  • But I am ready for a stress and drama free week.
  • Here's hoping.
  •  We hosted a Super Bowl party this year.
  • We had a few friends over
  • It was a total good time.
  • Laid back and fun.
  • And oh the food!
  • I's still carrying around the food baby.
  • On top of the real baby.
  • That's a lot of babies.
  • Seriously though, we had enough food to feed double the people we had.
  • And it was delicious.
  • This weekend marks week 5 of Thor's weekly trips to the capitol city.
  • 3 more to go!
  • And then he's mine again.
  • Well, mine and Wal-mart's.
  • Technicalities.
  • At least he'll be in town.
  • And in my bed at nights.
  • Easy, pervs.  He keeps the place warm.
  • He's like my own personal space heater.
  • Awesome.
  • Would ya like to know what's also awesome?!
  • Um, how about a Three Days Grace concert next month!
  • That's right, y'all.
  • I'll be the pregnant one dancing in the family section.
  • You know, the section that they don't allow smoking and alcohol.
  • Yeah, I know.  I'm totally hip.
  • Come on!  I LOVE them.
  • And they'll be two hours away.
  • And tickets were $27!!  
  • $27 people!!
  • Well, plus fees and crap.
  • But still.
  • Whatever, judge me if you will.
  • But I haven't been to a concert since we moved from Utah.
  • And that's coming up on 4 years ago.
  • Blerg.
  • Can't believe it's been that long!
  • Aw I can't wait.
  • PLUS I get to go with my hubby!!
  • And some friends!
  • I know, hard to believe, 
  • but I DO in fact have friends.
  • And we do things too!
  • I know, compare your lives to me and be super jealous.
  • Or not.
  • Either way, I'm still excited.
  • And tired. 
  • Better start resting up now.
  • That concert could go well after 10 pm.
  • And as we all know, 10 pm is when I turn into a pregnant zombie.
  • Yeah, picture that.
  • Crazy hair, eyes at half mast, staggering around in my sweats.
  • You don't gotta tell me
  • So watch out, Casper!
  • You're not gonna know what hit ya when this party animal rolls into town!