November 16, 2011

30 Days: Day 16


Oh man oh man!  I could go on for DAYS about what my dream house would be like!  This is something I have actually put a lot of thought into because when the time comes to purchase our third and hopefully final house, I want to be prepared.  And I want it to be perfect.
Where do I even start?  Outside?  Done.
I want a porch.  A beautiful front porch.  It doesn't have to be huge, but I really want somewhere I can sit in the evenings with my kids and read to them, or cuddle with my hubby as we watch the sun go down or the cars pass by.
Also acceptable, a back porch/deck.

I want a big, beautiful kitchen with tons and tons of cupboard space.  And a pantry.  And an island with a sink in the middle of the room.  And I love everything about this kitchen.  Isn't it magical?!  I ADORE these colors!

I want a staircase, a large amazing staircase.  One that when my daughter is going to prom and her date comes to pick her up, she can make her grand entrance by coming down the staircase.  And I'll cry because she's growing up so fast.  And she'll be so stunningly beautiful it will take her date's breath away.  You know, ahem, just as an example.

I want a toy room.  A sanctuary for my kids where they can play and make a mess and not have to worry about OCD Mommy coming in and making them clean up every 5 minutes.

I want a laundry room with shelves and shelves for storing all my blankets and sheets and extra towels and tablecloths and holiday decor and pillows.  And a sink for soaking my nasty baby's pooped on clothes or little boy's pants with grass stains.  And an ironing/folding station.

I need a master bedroom big enough to place our bed and my glider.  And I need a walk-in closet.  A big one, where I can keep all my shoes and clothes and sweaters and maternity clothes hung up all the time instead of having to switch them out every season...or pregnancy as the case may be.  AND a master bathroom where I might get the chance to actually pee in peace.  And two sinks.  And a nice big ol' bathtub wouldn't hurt either.

I need to have a mommy space too.  An office/craft room/sewing room.  Somewhere I can go and work and leave my sewing machine set up and not have to close up shop every time I need to leave to help the baby or pee or anything else.

I would love a storage room, an actual real life storage room where we can keep our food storage and whatnot.
And I want a little salon in the basement where I can do people's hair and not make them bend over the sink or tub all ghetto style when I rinse their hair.

I also want my hubby to be able to have a darkroom of his very own.  He has all the makings of one, we just need to make it happen, Cap'n.
So that's that.  My dream house.  Obviously we need bedrooms and living rooms and all that jazz, but I figured those were all given.  Also, if I had a house able to hold all this stuff and still be able to afford it, I'd be doing pretty darn good.

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becca said...

wow gorgeous i see why it's your dream house