August 31, 2011

We Want To Know Wednesday


You know it's Wednesday again!  Hump day!  Middle of the week!  Wahoo!  It's time for another round of questions and I'm ready to answer them!!  I know you've all been waiting with baited breath since I missed last week...I know how popular and cool I am.  Also, I may be in denial.  Who knows.  Anyway, pop over to Mamarazzi and Alicia aka Queso, our hostesses with the mostesses to join in the fun!

Do you prefer to text or call?
 I love love LOVE texting.  It's so convenient and there's no need for the awkward small talk and you can just get in and get out (that's what she said)  Not to say that texting is the only way to go because there are definitely times when a call is more appropriate like when making an appointment.  But texting is the best.  Also, if it weren't for texting I don't know what Steph and I would do with our lives.  We talk text ALL THE TIME...when we're not chillin on my couch that is.  We've even come up with our own language, I mean words that mean something else, and nonsense words...I know.  We basically need an intervention methinks...

What is the last text message in your phone and who is it from?
The last text in my phone is from,ha ha, Steph!  And it says, "Not boring" which is what we are, you see.  Not boring.

What are your favorite phone apps?
Phone apps?  What's a phone app?  I'm living in the stone age of phones and I have no such device as to let me even THINK about having an app! Sad day for me.

At what age do you think kids are ready for a cell phone?
I have no idea.  I have been wondering this myself.  I didn't get my own cell phone til I was married...I know, be jealous.  At the ripe old age of 23 I became the proud owner of my very own cell phone.  How awesome am I?!?  My roommate in college had a cell phone and I was SO jealous!!  She would let me use it to call home but would always remind me about 5 minutes into my conversation "minutes! minutes!"  You know, back before the invention of the unlimited talk plan...I'm old.

Share a current pic or video taken with your phone.
I don't take many pics of myself, but I've got literally hundreds of my cute kids. I'm noticing cellphone photos kinda make me look like crap, so don't say I didn't warn you!  
I like to call this one "my hair hates me".
And this one looks like I'm planning someone's doom


August 29, 2011

Izacc Zander Coles

Today is August 29.

Exactly five years ago TODAY I was here:

Doing this:

Saying hello to him:

And doing this:

And this:

And loving this:

And this: 

And somehow, TODAY I was here:
Doing this:
Saying goodbye to him:
And doing this:
And this:
And not so much loving this:
And this:

My sweet Izacc, how have the past 5 years gone by so fast?!  Not fair to your poor mama that you turn 5 AND start Kindergarten on the same day!  My heart can't take it!  You are such an amazing little boy and I am constantly impressed by you.  You have a vocabulary that far surpasses mine and you have so much love in your heart you make friends where ever you go.  I am so happy for you to be growing up and going to school, you will love it.  I am beginning to miss all your fun words you used to say, like "my heart is beeping", "we need more baberies", "can I play on your toopeter?" and "oncellant".  I'll miss you while you're at school and your younger brother is not going to know what to do with himself!  You take such good care of him and I love the little man you are turning into...just don't do it as fast.  Let's make the next five years go a little slower okay?!  Thanks for making me a momma.  You're my best.

Lil Izacc, Aug 29, 2006

Lil Izacc, Aug 29, 2011

Oh, and also 


August 28, 2011

It's Sunday Again...

Sorry for our absence last week.  We were in no condition to be taking pictures!  But to make up for it, I give you the perfect picture of my three darlings...


August 26, 2011

What's Your Favorite Color?!

So guess what I'M doing!!


A favorite color swap!??!  
  And I am so lucky to be able to play!!  
I'm actually super excited to be included in such a fun thing!
Mad props go out to Mamarazzi!
I can't wait to meet a new bloggy friend
 Getting a box full of PINK stuff sounds pretty fun too!
Can't wait!


Friday Confessional: It's Been A Poopy Day Already


It's Friday again.  And I'm in Utah again.  And I have a lot of confessing to do so let's get cracking!

I confess...

  • I am TIRED! 
  • So tired.
  • Sleeping on a craptastic bed for two nights and then an air mattress for two nights isn't conducive to good night's rest.
  • The beds up at the reunion were less than desirable.
  • A mattress on top of a box.
  • Not a box spring, but a wooden box.
  • Charming.
  • And I love LOVE staying with my Gramma, but that air mattress leaves something to be desired.
  • Not to mention my little miss has decided that sleeping is for chumps.
  • Party all night, baby.
  • She's so cute that I do anything for her.
  • Thus I am tired.
  • My little buddy turns 5 in 3 days.
  • I'm not quite sure how it all happened.
  • But we went official school shopping for him on Wednesday.
  • Got some clothes and shoes and socks and underpants.
  • He's ready to go.
  • I am not so ready.
  • But I'm sure it will all be fine.
  • Did I mention his birthday is on the first day of school?!
  • Because it is.
  • And that doesn't add any stress to that day at all.
  • None.
  • I have to bring cupcakes into his class.
  • So it will be a special day for him.
  • Ha ha I can't wait to make these cupcakes though.
  • Angry birds.
  • Shall be a fun little surprise for him.
  • He does love him some angry birds.
  • We may or may not be going to Lagoon today.
  • I love Lagoon.
  • But Lagoon and little babies don't really mix.
  • Perhaps my momma can come with us and then I can ride the big kid rides.
  • Albeit alone, but I will ride them.
  • My hubby is not so fond of the rides.
  • I can't get enough.
  • How did we end up together you ask?
  • The world may never know.
  • But we'll see I guess.
  • To Lagoon or not to Lagoon.  
  • That is the question.
  • It was a poop factory here this morning.
  • We woke up to Ian with poo smeared all up his back.
  • And Amelia promptly followed suit.
  • Awesome way to start the day, no?
  • *exhale*
  • I love my life.
  • No sleep, poop and all.


August 24, 2011

What The WHAT?!

Dear Internet,
It's me, Camie.
I've been out for awhile.
My bad.
Family reunion in the mountains.
No internet for me.
But I'm back now.
Back and ready to PARTY!
So let's do it!
A breakitdown.
Thanks for still existing.
Love, Camie


August 19, 2011

Friday Confessional


I confess...
  • Yeah I've got nothin.
  • Not today.
  • I have 568 million things to get done before we leave for our family reunion tomorrow.
  • Gag.
  • I've been multitasking like a crazy person.
  • For example, cleaning the kitchen while we eat.
  • Or cleaning the bathroom right after I shower, so things are nice and steamy and come clean easy.
  • Or writing poems in my confessional.
  • In fact, I may or may not be pumping as we speak.
  • Depending on your level of TMI of course.
  • It's going to be fun though.
  • My family reunion, not me pumping.
  • Yeah, fun fun fun.
  • Nice to get away.
  • Its all the packing and cleaning leading up to it that's giving me anxiety.
  • My Mia is chilling next to me in my bed.
  • She has discovered the awesomeness that is her mobile.
  • She's cooing and smiling as the flowers go round and round.
  • Yup, you heard me right.
  • I've attached her mobile to my headboard
  • Because thats just how I roll.
  • She loves it.
  • I love that she loves it.
  • I do not love that it is a wind-up one so every minute or so I have to reach up and wind it up for her.
  • Gah!  Don't they make them with batteries or something?!
  • Why couldn't I have sprung for one of those bad boys?!
  • Think, Camie!  THINK!!
  • Yeesh.
  • I haven't yet settled on a nickname for her.
  • Amelia just doesn't roll off the tongue.
  • Mimi, Mia, Emmy, Baby Foo Foo, Mia Poo Poo, Mini Moo.
  • She gets them all from the various family members.
  • Poor kid's gonna be so confused she won't know WHO she is!!
  • I spent $44 on stamps yesterday to send out birth announcements.
  • Um, that's a pricey little tradition.
  • Or I have to many friends and family.
  • Either way, it wasn't cheap.
  • But they turned out super cute.
  • And I love them. 
  • Maybe I'm the only one in the world who sends them out??
  • Oh well.
  • I have been getting my butt outta bed to excersie every day this week.
  • If you know me, that is a feat in and of itself.
  • I am oh so very sore.
  • And hopefully it will be paying off soon.
  • I was looking at pictures from Ian's first birthday.
  • Whoa mama!
  • I had a little junk in the trunk.
  • And on the sides, and mostly in front.
  • And I am NOT going to look like THAT when lil sis turns one.
  • I don't wanna look like that when she's six months old!
  • So it was time to get a move on.
  • Crazy diet lady may return here soon.
  • But I'm not willing to give up the good stuff yet.
  • Like ice cream and magic brownies, which I made a pan of last night as a way to convince my Steph to come play with me before she leaves again.
  • Baby steps.
  • Exercise, then diet, if needed...
  • I fear I may need it.
  • Oh well, all in good time.
  • As soon as we get back Izacc starts school.
  • AND it's his birthday.
  • And that weekend we're having a lot of company.
  • AND I have 568 million things to do.
  • Whew it's gonna be a long day...and possibly night...
  • Good thing I've got magic brownies to keep me going...


August 17, 2011

My Blog Swap Post


Hi everyone! My name is Camie and I hail from my blog How To Have It All.  I'm so excited to be participating in this blog swap and meet some new people!  Come on over sometime! I'll make cookies.   Let me tell you a little about myself.  I am a wife, a mommy, an actor, a singer, a cook, a seamstress, a love machine, a daughter, a cosmetologist, a sister, an aunt, a best friend, a music lover, a snuggler, a reader, a teacher, a blogger, a kisser, an entertainer, an accommodator, a woman, and a giggly, silly girl.  I think that about covers it.

I have had an amazing summer this year.  It all started with the birth of my little girl. 
 I know, I know. I am totally  sounding like one of those mommy bloggers.  
But I have two other children who are both boys
so me finally having a girl was so SO very exciting!

She was born in June, so our whole summer has been full of all things baby.
The pooping, the crying, the feeding, the no sleeping, the laundry.  Ahh it's been glorious.
(This is where a sarcastic font would come in useful.)

But it's all been worth it.  I mean look at these three!!  
Have you ever seen a more goofy bunch of kids in your life?!  
Oh how I adore 'em.

Our baby was a mere three weeks old on the 4th of July and we celebrated as best we could... dressing up our little doll all patriotic-like.

It then occured to me that due to my super crazy procreating powers, we had a little baby during the 4th of July two years before as well.
Could I be more awesome?!
Here is how we celebrated the event two years ago.  

Clean house.
Have brother and sister-in-law come over.
Eat yummy dinner and play the Wii.
Go to Walmart.
Get on Wii fit.
Nurse baby.
Make breakfast.
Give Husband haircut.
Start to make rainbow jello, 4th of July style, Reds and blues.
Give oldest kid haircut.
Make another jello layer.
Give brother haircut.
Make cake.
Nurse baby.
Have mom and Grandma come over.
Clean kitchen...again.
Make another layer of jello.
Take shower.
Nurse baby...again.
Make another layer of jello.
Send boys out for charcoal.
Start making lunch.
Make another layer of jello.
Drop entire dish of jello on slate floor.
See what happens to a Pyrex dish full of Jello when it falls on a slate floor.
Say "oh no!"
Clean up jello and glass pieces.
Cut finger on glass.
Put only bandaid you can find on cut, even if it is Backyardigans.
Start over with the jello.
Make rice crispy treats.
More jello.
Clean kitchen...again.
Pump up swimming pool.
Nurse baby.
Find chairs and table, get hubby to set up outside.
Mourn broken dish and the fact that new jello is much smaller and only has 6 layers instead of original 12.Take food outside.
Watch cute son play in cold water.Enjoy company.
Have Papa come over.
Nurse baby.
Let Papa snuggle baby.Clean up.
Bring out desserts.
Clean up again.
Watch sky go black.
Watch wind blow trees.
Watch hail flood street.Pack up cars.
Drive to fireworks.
Have brother chase jack rabbit.
See brother eat crap and get all muddy.
Nurse baby in front seat of parked car.
Watch fireworks.
Drive home.
Find sleeping arrangments for all.
Get ready for church.
Get babies ready for church.
Pray baby doesn't poop all over white suit.
Go to church.
Teach lesson.
Watch baby get blessed.
Nurse baby.
Come home, take four generation picture.Take family pictures.See self in family pictures.
Curse post-baby chub.
Adore sweet angel baby.
Dress boys in matching outfits...yeah, we went there.Make lunch.
Pull out all sides from yesterday.
Frost yummy cake.Eat.
Say goodbye to Gramma and Mom.
Get on Wii Fit.
Have Wii Fit tell you you've gained 4.8 lbs.
Tell Wii Fit to shove it.
Eat yummy cake.
Say goodbye to Papa.
Say goodbye to brother and sister-in-law.
Take baby to bed and sleep for, no kidding, 5 hours.
Wake up.
Clean up dinner.
Have ice cream cones.
Sit on porch and be happy.
The end.

So that about sums it up...your average 4th of July celebration...aside from the dropping of the Pyrex, but perhaps we could make that a tradition as well.  Sounds kinda expensive, but fun.

Thanks for having me!  Feel free to stop on by anytime and join in our crazy, sleepy, funny Mountain Dew lovin' shenanigans!  We'd love to have you!

Also, I'd just like to stop and thank the Gods of nursing for the amazing rack.


We Want To Know


Well, if you can believe it, it's Wednesday again!!  Holy crapola how is it going by so dang fast!?!?
  Join us, won't you?!  Link up with Mamarazzi and Alicia aka Queso.  It's always a good time!!!

#1  Did you live in the same town or move around a lot as a child?
Oh man.  Not only did we live in the same town, we lived in the same house!  I'm finding this is rare the more people I meet.  And my parents still live there and most likely will until they die...and we'll bury them no I kid.  That's just weird. 

#2  What were your parents like?
Awesome to the max, that's what!  My Dad worked for the State Dept. of Transportation and was gone a lot.  I remember him being grumpy and having to watch what we said around him, but I also remember we used to watch the Disney cartoon Robin Hood every Sunday night and he would laugh and laugh and laugh.
My mom was funny and silly and listened to John Denver and Neil Diamond and ABBA. We had a good time, we sang a lot and she's help us make forts.  Gosh I have a lot of fond memories of my mama.

#3  Do you have any siblings?  What were they like growing up?
Did I?!  Yeah, I did.  3 younger brothers, no sisters.  They were fun growing up.  Being the only girl, I was so SO no the sissy la la classy pile of woman you now see before you. No no, I was somewhat of a tom boy.  It was survival of the fittest at my house, eat or be eaten!  Always be on your game!  Make fun of the other person to show them how much you love them! Learn how to hit as not to have a dead arm!  My husband actually had to tell me to stop hitting him in the arm.  I was hurting him, but that's how we say 'I love you' where I'm from!

#4  Share a short story from your childhood.
Oh gosh there's so many I could share! So so many.  Let's see, well how about the time my mom told me NOT to ride my friend's 4 wheeler.  And I did anyway.  And we were driving down one of the dirt roads and my friend let her cousin drive and she was turning the handle bars back and forth really fast and I fell of and got ran over.  And I had road rash all up my legs and face and arms.  And my mom took care of me and helped me and not once did she ever say "I told you so" or anything!  Listen to you moms, kids!  

#5  What did you look like?
Well, that depends on what point of my childhood we're talking about here.  I ended up okay, I like to think so anyway.  And I started out cute...

 ...but somewhere in the middle there things got all awkward and, uh, schmexy.
Yikes.  Good thing I'm a secure person.  Those were some interesting years.