November 6, 2011

30 Days: Day 6


I can think of quite a few super heroes that are my favorite.  

How about these dudes for one? 
 Yes!  They are the reason I love pizza, listened to Vanilla Ice and know what the heck a nunchuck is.  My brothers and I used to play Ninja Turtle all the time...I always ended up being boring old Donatello when who I really wanted to be Michelangelo.  We had all the movies, watched the Saturday morning cartoons, had the Nintendo game and even bought those special Hostess Pies that had green goo in the middle. Remember those?!  And have you seen the new cartoons of these dudes?!  I know retro is the cool thing right now and everything is being brought back and made better, but you don't mess with TMNT.  Not cool, man.  Not cool.

Robin Hood.  
Disney cartoon version only thank you very much.

Oh Robin Hood!  He's a super hero, right?  I mean come on!  He's a talking fox!  Also he has good standards-ish and helps people who are in need.  And he has a super funny and helpful sidekick.  And I could literally re-intact the whole movie for you right now, line by line.  Don't believe me?!  Ask my hubby.  He will NOT watch this movie with me EVER because I am so obnoxious.  It's true.

Okay now.
For my next super hero, everybody sing it with me.
Dun dun da da da duuuun duuuunnnnn...

Do you not know what I am talking about?!?

Come on!


and Everything Nice

These were the ingredients chosen to create the perfect little girl...
Come on!  Who doesn't love the Powerpuff Girls?!  They're cute, they're smart, they're funny, and the kick some serious bad guy booty!  PLUS their kindergartners, as we all know those little dudes are the cutest things around, right?!  Right. 

Oh, and one more super hero.
This guy.

Because I likes me some eye candy.
And his name is Thor.
Ha ha ha!
If you don't get that little inside joke remind me to fill you in sometime.
It is a good one.


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becca said...

nice choices me i'm a sucker for wolverine