November 15, 2011

30 Days: Day 15


My dear, sweet Izacc, 
You are awesome beyond words.  I love you so much and am so proud of the little person you are and are becoming.  You amaze and surprise me every single day with your vocabulary and your sense of humor and your caring.  I am so glad to know you and even more glad to be your mom.

On your last day of preschool last May, I had a post I wanted to write all about you and just how freaking cool you are.  You amazed me that day.  We went to a field day at your teacher's house and I got to watch you participate in all the fun things that day.
You were so cute sitting there with your classmates and you were WAY taller than a lot of them, even though you were probably the youngest one of the bunch.

It amazes me how easy you make friends.  Everywhere we go, you have made at least one new friend by the time we leave, and this day was no exception.  There was another class of preschoolers there too and you talked and had fun with all the new kids you met.

I felt bad because they had events like jumping and throwing and I had never really worked with you on those things!  I suck sometimes and was worried that the kids who had played ball with their families before would beat the pants off you.  I was pleasantly surprised, however, that you held your own quite well.  You got third in the long jump and fifth in the bean bag toss. I was so proud and vowed to teach you some sports so you wouldn't be so unprepared next time.

Then you got to compete in a high jump event and you actually made your way over the bar!  More than once!
Uncle Ben would have been so proud.
I especially got a kick out of your landings.
You lasted for a long time and beat out a lot of kids!  The bar kept getting higher and higher and you kept making right over the top.

And landing on your face.  But you made it so that's all that mattered.  You eventually got 5th place, which was nothing to sneeze at!  You did such a great job that day.  I was way impressed by you.

A few days earlier, you were in a play.  
You got to sit next to Anna, your then "girlfriend".
You guys were so cute.  And you did a fabulous job doing what you were supposed to do and not bothering your neighbors.
And you were a squirrel.  And, again, you were amazing.  
I was really nervous that you would get up on stage and get stage fright and shy and not be able to do it.  But nope, not my boy.  You were a natural.  You were amazing.
So amazing, in fact, that your teachers told me numerous times just how great you were.  You knew all your lines and you knew exactly when to say them.  And you talked to the other ch actors instead of looking at your teacher or the audience.
And at the last minute, you had to fill in for someone who was too shy to do her part and guess what?  You had a week to learn her lines and you did that too.  You were flawless and amazing.  It came so naturally to you and the theatre major in me was SO proud.  
Also, you were SO cute!  Man oh man!
Here you are with Anna...again.  And yes, you were holding hands.  You guys!
Ever the silly gooney bird you are

It's my hope you have the love for the theatre as you get older because you're very, very good. You have learned how to make a vibrato already and I am just floored by your God-given talent.  There is always ALWAYS a need for strong male actors.  I know it comes with a stigma, but don't let that deter you.  Girls love a guy who can sing and act...just sayin.

You have been working with Child Development Services with a speech teacher/coach and I am so pleased with the improvement and growth you've made.  For example, you say "hello" instead of "heyo" and "watch" instead of "watz" and "church"  instead of "turts" and "Zander" instead of "Zanner".

First day of preschool.  Aug 2010
Last day of preschool.  May 2011 

I've just been floored by your ability to pick things up so fast and understand and just get it.  Your kindergarten teacher this year has told me that you are the only one in her class that can count to 32, and you did the best in your class on your pre-reading test.  You rock, little buddy.

You are so polite and kind to others, well, anyone NOT living in this household I should say, but to others you are stellar.  You wait your turn and you don't interrupt, which is something we've been working really hard on so I'm glad that you've got it down.  You even stand up for your little brother, which makes me so happy to see.  I love it.

First day of preschool, August 2010
Last day of preschool, May 2011

Izacc, you're the best.  You make my heart so happy.  Keep learning, keep growing, KEEP EATING you picky, picky child!  :)  I hope you always talk to me about your problems and your questions and that I'm always "your best". I love you with all my heart and I'm so glad you're mine.

With Love Always,
Your Mama.
ha ha.

PS.  Thanks for teaching your little brother all the ways of the world...

I KNOW he got this from you!!!!!



Michelle Nielson said...

Aw your so lucky to have such an amazing boy!!! Thats awesome he was in a play!!! & his cyte lil girlfriend!! Hes such a stud!!! Youve done good cam!!!!

Johanson Family said...

This was such a sweet post!! You really captured the moments and memory that I hope one day he can look back and read about!! Great pictures too!!