March 26, 2010

Hi. I'm Camie. I don't know if we've met. I have this blog I used to write on? Remember me? Yeah I suck. I'll get back into the swing of things here soon. Promise.
On to my confessions.
  • I have been sewing a lot lately.
  • A lot.
  • I don't get out my machine very often so when I got it out this time, I figured I had better make it count.
  • I fixed my whole bag of mending.
  • I made a couple skirts.
  • I made Izacc some pants.
  • I made Ian some pants.
  • I made some baby gifts.
  • I am no where near done.
  • I am out of control.
  • And so is my living room.
  • Yikes.
  • I have taken a sewing sabbatical until I can at least find a seat in the living room.
  • I have ADD
  • Or maybe OCD
  • Either way I can't get my living room done until I had cleaned the bathroom.
  • And did the laundry.
  • And cleaned my room.
  • And got all the clothes hung up and put away.
  • And put away the winter sweaters and pulled out all the shorts and flip flops.
  • I think perhaps I am stalling.
  • I did start to clean it up.
  • And I was going to put away the baby bouncer.
  • Because big bubba baby monster is too large and in charge for such playthings.
  • I smartly saved the box when we bought it so I could store it neatly.
  • And so I took it downstairs to put it back in the box.
  • I took it apart a little and tried, but it was too tall. The toys came seperatly.
  • So I tried to take the toys off.
  • And I tried to take the toys off.
  • And I cursed a little.
  • And I prayed a little.
  • And I got the toys off.
  • And I tried again to put it in the box.
  • And I rearranged it and tried again.
  • This was the battle royal of box vs man.
  • Or woman as the case may be.
  • A few choice words, nasty pinches and about 15 minutes later it was in the box...ish.
  • Okay, so I can't close the top.
  • But it is technically in the box.
  • Ha ha! I win!
  • While I was wrestling with box and toys and parts I had a sort of fight song going through my head.
  • Ask me where it came from.
  • Yeah I got nothin.
  • The Night Chicago Died.
  • I am so awesome.
  • My cousin Brooke and I made up a dance to that song once.
  • We were nothing but the coolest kids on the block.
  • Stupid box.
  • Stupid jumperoo.
  • Stupid song!
  • I am going to go clean my living room now.
  • Right after I finish putting all the clothes away.
  • Promise!

You know the drill!
Play. Read. Laugh. Repeat.
PS he's adorable.

March 19, 2010

Friday Confessional

I cannot believe it's Friday again already!! What the?!? okay, so here we go...
  • I just tried to transfer $100 from my husband's checking account to mine so I could have some money to get back home with.
  • I'm in Utah By the way.
  • Me and the boys came down for my beautiful cousin's wedding.
  • Oh they're so cute.
  • The bride and groom.
  • Not that my boys aren't super cute.
  • But that's beside the point.
  • Weddings make me all warm and gooey inside.
  • Not to mention the impromptu family reunions.
  • And my son running around like the sugar-filled maniac that he is made it all the better.
  • He sat in the corner and cried when they started cleaning up and they put away the punch bowl.
  • Full on sobbing so profusely that I couldn't even understand one word he was saying.
  • Gramma had to help him.
  • He kept saying, "Tell them to bring it back! They took away my fruit punch!"
  • Bless his tender heart.
  • It does seem to be becoming a trend that a sobbing fit ensues wherever we go
  • Not sure how I feel about that one.
  • No wait, I am sure
  • Anyway, in Utah, need to go shopping and get back home, so I needed to transfer $100 into my acct.
  • I transfered $100 from my acct into his.
  • Derp.
  • I only had $55 in my account.
  • Whatever.
  • The nice guy at Wells Fargo was really super nice and understanding on the phone.
  • Although he was probably shaking his head in annoyance.
  • He should have asked me why on earth I was banking at 12:55 am.
  • People tend to make mistakes when banking while tired.
  • Case in point.
  • LAME!!
  • Oh well, at least I have overdraft protection set up, right?
  • *shakes head in shame*
  • I am so annoying.
  • I'm going to bed.
Play. Read. Laugh. Repeat.

March 12, 2010

Friday Friday!

Here we go! I gotta lotta confessin to do!

  • I am hella grumpy right now.
  • So hella grumpy that I can't even think straight!
  • I should not be a grump at all.
  • My hubby took works off and watched the kids today so I could go play with my fabulous, beautiful friend Aimee.
  • And I get to do it again tomorrow!
  • And he made dinner!
  • And he cleaned-ish!
  • I should be so not grumpy!
  • But alas, the grump meter is hitting an all-time high!
  • I am grumpy because when people have those embedded comment forms on their blogs, my crappy computer won't let me comment.
  • Seriously, five times in the past couple days have I had amazing things to say to five fabulous people only to be shut down by the crappy system.
  • What the freak is the problem here?!?
  • I wanna give people some comment love and it won't let me!!!
  • Whatev.
  • I am grumpy because I got suckered into doing something I don't wanna do.
  • Can't really go into details here.
  • Now is not the time.
  • But it makes me SO MAD and GRUMPY!!!
  • And so I shall pout.
  • (pretend I'm on the floor crying like a 3 year old in Walmart)
  • Yeah, did I fail to mention that it was MY three year old crying on the floor in Walmart?
  • Yeah.
  • I told him he couldn't have the weird mitten thingy with the ice scraper coming out of it.
  • Rude huh?
  • Seen those?
  • Looks like an oven mitt with an ice scraper attached?
  • He apparently thought it was going to be his, alas, I thought not.
  • Oh and he also cried in the toy section because I was holding his hand.
  • And in the fabric section because I hurt his elbow trying to stop him from darting under a loading pallet.
  • And in the little boys section because he couldn't have the size 10 boy's pjs because the pants alone were taller than he was.
  • And in the food aisle because they didn't have his favorite "meatball"donuts. (donut holes)
  • And in the women's section because I put him back in the cart.
  • And by cry, I don't mean "boo hoo you're a mean mommy."
  • I mean "Why are you doing this to me? Mommy! This isn't happening! Take me out! You hurt me! WHHHHAAAAAAAAAAT are you DOOOOOOOOINGGGG!!! Mommy!! Mommy!! Mommmmmmmyyyyyyy!!! Come baaaaackkkkkkkkkkk!! Mommy!!!!!! Don't leave me!!! Mommmmmmmyyyy!! WAAAAAAAAAAIIITTT Mommmmyyyy!!!!!!"
  • You can hear it now can't you?
  • And that was all of like, 15 minutes.
  • Oh how I love Walmart.
  • Why am I grumpy?
  • You got me.
Go play. And if you don't wanna, just go read!

March 5, 2010

New Fun Friday

Something new and fun I will be trying on.
Here we go:
  • I hate that my hubby works two jobs.
  • I do not hate the employee discount at Wal-mart.
  • I hate that I do not hate the employee discount at Wal-mart.
  • I should hate it and all it stands for.
  • But I don't.
  • Ten percent is ten percent.
  • That's an extra $2.50 off a box of diapers.
  • And every little bit helps.
  • I also think that my hubby doesn't hate working at Wal-mart as much as he should.
  • I mean, he is freakin' good at what he does.
  • He's actually a top salesman.
  • In the state.
  • He could sell a TV to a blind guy.
  • Figuratively speaking of course.
  • He slaves away all day at job #1.
  • Then goes and sells his booty off at job #2.
  • He got employee of the month a few months back.
  • I couldn't have been happier about it.
  • Not only because it was FINALLY some validation.
  • And appreciation
  • And a huge compliment to him for all his hard work
  • which is something job #1 sucks at.
  • But I also was so happy about it
  • because he was a freaking EMPLOYEE OF THE MONTH AT WAL-MART!
  • Ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha.
  • Is this not funny to anyone else?
  • Maybe if you know him, it would be more funny.
  • Electronics department at Wal-mart is not exactly his dream job.
  • Not even for a part time pay-off-the-credit-card sorta job.
  • It's funny because it's funny.
  • I am going to hell aren't I?
  • Oh well. At least I will always have the memory of
  • the time
  • my sweet, intelligent, hard working
  • talented, handsome, problem-solving
  • husband
  • was the employee of the month
  • at Walmart.
Come play! You know you wanna!
If not, just read her blog. It's amazing!!

March 2, 2010

Ah irony

Dear Yahoo,


Thank you so much for the unsettling news report that the

Chile quake may have shifted Earth's axis


I would also like to thank you for putting that advertisement right next to said unsettling new report,

You know the one.

Where the asteroid zooms past the words I’m reading and  “burns” a hole in my screen?

Where the earth’s just a shakin’ and things are falling and there are fires and and people fleeing?

Yeah, that’s right.  Good move on putting the release of 2012 onto DVD ad right next to the real life truth about our Earth being moved of it’s axis.

If you’ll now excuse me, I’ll be gathering supplies and building my bomb shelter.