November 24, 2011

30 Days: Day 24


That's a pretty loaded statement, for you see I have learned a whole lot in my 29-ish years on this earth.  But seeing as how it's Thanksgiving and all, perhaps I will share with you what I have learned TODAY.

I have learned...
  • That early to bed, early to rise holds no bearing on excited sugared-up kids.  More like late to bed, butt crack of dawn to rise.
  • That it's a production to get 6 adults showered and ready to go in a house with one bathroom, two potty trained kids and a toilet troll.
  • That having all the cousins together is so much fun and makes for some cute pictures.
  • That my mom's cooking still takes the cake every time.
  • That my little brother STILL makes the best gravy ever.
  • That Thanksgiving dinner is NOT the best time to give a baby their first food that isn't rice cereal.
  • That plain avocado and potatoes make a 5 month old baby girl turn into a milk volcano.
  • That even cute turkey shirts are susceptible to the up-heaved baby lunch, sadly.
  • That when you eat just a tiny bit of everything, you still end up with a full tummy.
  • That there is NOT always room for pie.
  • That if there is not room for 1 piece of pie, you should especially not try and fit four, albeit small, pieces of pie.
  • That a food coma is a very real and serious matter.
  • That Nicole makes the yummiest and most delicious and edible sweet potatoes on the planet!
  • That Thor can put away not one but TWO pecan pies over the course of two days.
  • That when you make a bow for your baby
  • That all intentions of black friday shopping can be easily defeated by too much food, a two hour drive and too little sleep.
  • That Thanksgiving this year was pretty near perfect.
  • That it wasn't the same without Ben, but there's always next year.
  • That I love my family more than anything on this Earth.

How about you, friends?!  How was YOUR turkey day??


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