November 26, 2011

30 Days: Day 26


I don't necessarily crave a certain food all of the time.  When I'm pregnant and/or nursing, however, yes.  I have a few repeat offenders for sure.

Starburst Jellybeans
It's a problem.  We stock up at Easter time as to have enough to last the whole year.  If that means filling up four Walmart bags with them or clearing out the entire clearance section, so be it.

Vanilla Ice Cream
Holy crap, love the stuff.  Plain, in a cup, just before bedtime.

Vanilla Shake
Can I get a HOLLA?!?!?

Cadbury Mini Eggs
It's just not Easter without a bag or seven of these bad boys.  And guess what else, ya'll!?
They've made a Christmas version!!!
Save me.

Suddenly, I'm all about the Doritos.  They're cheesy, they're delicious, they're crunchy, they make a sandwich oh so yummy.

I never used to care about these cookies.  I mean they were good, but meh.  But after I had Amelia, man I couldn't get enough!

Ritz Crackerfuls
I love these.  More than anything.  And I want them.  Always.

Fig newtons
Mmmmm.  None of that Strawberry crap for me!  I want the GOOD stuff!

Nutri Grain Bars
Lately these have been hitting the spot.  So yummy and sorta good for you too!

Diet Mountain Dew/Diet Dr. Pepper
Mama likey.  I know the picture isn't diet, but uh, either way they are so SO good.

Pink Rockstar
That's right.  It's pink.  It's pretty.  It's delicious.  It's sugar free. It makes me happy.

Judge me.
Like I care.
You know you like crap too!


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