November 8, 2011

30 Days: Day 8


I need to make Mia one of these for sure!
I mean look how cute they are!!
You can find them here.

I need to print these out and make some cute Thanksgiving decorations.
Seriously, I think we all know the people in our family, but a little place set with a name tag really means Thanksgiving, am I right?!

 Speaking of decor, these shall also grace our table.
Seriously so cute and easy!  And festive!  And cheap!!

 And because I love my husband to pieces, I will make him his own batch of these.
He loves LOVES pecan pie but can't eat a whole one by himself and I am not a fan so we end up throwing the pie out.  So at least he could save some servings for later.

 It's getting cold and my baby needs some warm clothes.  Enter these bad boys
I just went through our closet and found at least two sweaters I could turn into something warm for baby Mia to wear.

And also, I NEED to get some of this done.
I hate to be the bearer of bad news, but do you realize Christmas is only 46 days away?!
Jeesh I gotta get my butt in gear!

So those things along with catching up on my poor neglected craft bog and random projects here and there, keeping my house clean and laundry done and kids clothed and fed.  Oh and sleep.  I gotta get some sleep in there too.
Those are my short term goals for the month.
What are yours?


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