September 28, 2010

Sometimes I Just Wish I Had Chickens

Oh and if you were wondering what my nightmares are made of, look no further.

That's right, 1957's finest pressure cooker/canner.
Please don't let it blow up in my face.


September 24, 2010

Friday Confessional

Hey everybody! It's a Friday! Yahoo! Time for another installment of Camie's ridiculously odd yet self amusing life! Hey, maybe I should change my blog's name to that! Yeah, I can see it now. Not weird at all... Anyway let's roll!

  • I had an impromptu party at my house last night.
  • It was a ball.
  • And by impromptu I mean we planned it three days in advance.
  • It's a good thing too because had I had more time
  • I probably would have gone a touch overboard.
  • Hi, do you know me?
  • I'm cool like that.
  • And I go crazy with things.
  • So I just made cupcakes
  • with cute toppers.
  • And some matching napkins
  • and cups
  • balloons
  • and flowers.
  • And my birthday banner I made.
  • Okay I'm done.
  • I know, I know.
  • Don't even say it.
  • But for real, it was a lot of fun.
  • And my kids had their first real life bona fide paid babysitter last night!
  • How sad is that?
  • I mean seriously, I need to get out more!!
  • And get this
  • I didn't take one picture!
  • Not one!
  • Whoa, I know.
  • I was too busy chasing frosting covered kids
  • and taking away toys.
  • I saved one cupcake
  • I was going to take a picture to prove it's cuteness.
  • Izacc ate it this morning.
  • I honestly don't even know how he got to it
  • It was pretty high up on the shelf.
  • Now I'm a little scared.
  • There's basically nowhere I can hide stuff apparently.
  • Speaking of Izacc, school is going much better.
  • We've had a few lessons in following directions
  • And now he's in the groove.
  • And another thing, he is making strides in his speech.
  • Usually he says, "taynt new" for thank you.
  • Last night he said "thank you"
  • I know!
  • My little man is growing up.
  • Oh sadness.
  • There was a bird in the fireplace today.
  • That's a fun noise.
  • And thing to have happen.
  • Birds.
  • And my little one just puked bananas all over the rug.
  • Lovely visual, I know.
  • I'm sorry.
  • How is your day shaping up?
  • Gotta jet!

September 21, 2010

Apple Help!

I have recently become in the possession of a whole bunch of apples.

Gala apples to be exact.

I need help.

There's no way I'm gonna be able to eat them all before the go bad.

No way.

So I think I need to make something out of them.

What exactly, I have no idea.

Can you can pie filling?

Do Gala apples make good pies?

Anyone have any ideas?



Any and all help would be greatly appreciated.

Because I've got apples coming out of my ears over here!


September 18, 2010

How To Be Sneeky On A Diet

I am on the diet, you know. And not many things that are super yummy and delicious* are allowed.

I like to bend the rules a tad.

Bikini Bread

Made with wheat flour and splenda.

Pure heaven.

You can find the recipe here.

Go make some.

No for real.

It's too delicious NOT to.

We love it over here.

It is pure happiness

And its almost gone...

*according to my taste buds who love the sugary goodness of sweet things

September 17, 2010

Friday Confessional: SHAKSOUN!

It's Friday again! My favorite day of the week. Not sure why exactly, seeing as how it basically means nothing anymore, but it's time to let it all out! Here we go.

  • Going to Jackson tomorrow.
  • (say it with a gruff French accent.
  • It sounds cool that way.)
  • No offense to anyone out there
  • but I hate Jackson.
  • I know hate is bad for my karma.
  • But seriously.
  • I have no love.
  • I get aggravated just driving through there.
  • All the tourists
  • and antlers
  • and contradictions.
  • Are you a cowboy town?
  • Or are you a hippie town?
  • Or are you a skiing rich people town?
  • I'm so confused!
  • Regardless of what you are, dear Jackson
  • I still have no love for you
  • and your tourists
  • and animals.
  • Okay so I don't mind the animals so much.
  • I kind of enjoy them.
  • It's the dumb turds who park their cars IN THE ROAD
  • that I have a problem with.
  • A major problem.
  • Oh Jackson,why?
  • How have you let this happen to you?
  • I remember when you were just a sweet little town
  • with a Maverik
  • and a Pamida.
  • I bought my first purse there.
  • For $2.
  • I can't even buy a soda for $2 now.
  • Oh Jackson.
  • No love.
  • If I have such ill feelings towards Jackson
  • why, dear Camie, are you going there you may be asking.
  • Well, I'll tell you.
  • My Daddy is having surgery,
  • Not a pleasant one at that.
  • He had a accident
  • it involved propane
  • and skin
  • and the loss of a finger.
  • They are amputating his pointer
  • and using it's good parts to save his thumb.
  • My poor, poor Daddy.
  • The last time I saw him, his fingers were, no kidding, black.
  • Whew!
  • No bueno.
  • Don't play around with propane, kids.
  • It's, apparently, a nasty, nasty biotch.
  • So we're going for moral support
  • and to bring the love
  • and some banana bread.
  • So, dear Jackson
  • please be kind to us tomorrow.
  • Try and keep the stupids off the road
  • and I'll try not to sneak up behind people on bikes
  • and blow air horns at them.
  • Funny as it may be.
  • Because people on bikes in Jackson piss me off.
  • But I'll try if you will.
So go read. And play. And have a wonderful weekend!


September 16, 2010

Identity Crisis

It occurred to me yesterday as I was doing laundry that I hate all my clothes. All of them. There is not one shirt in my closet that I like.

When we moved to Riverton I told Thom that my biggest fear was looking like I'm from Riverton. And by that I mean the people I saw walking around Walmart, which I know is not a fair judge because we all know that Walmart is it's own planet. But coming from Salt Lake to a little town was a little scary. I wasn't going to have the same "fashion show" when I people watch anymore.

Does that sound harsh? Not what I'm trying to say. What I mean is there's not a lot of opportunities to go clothing shopping here. There's not the everyday chance to see whats in fashion and what people are wearing. Not just because it's a small town and the "keeping up with the Jones'" syndrome is just not as prevalent, but also because I was making the transition form working mom to stay at home mom and I wasn't going to be seeing people on a day-to-day basis anymore. I was afraid of being out of the loop.

**DISCLAIMER** Not all people who live here dress like schlubs. In fact, most people here dress rather nicely. I was wrong to judge. Boo me!

Anyway, the point I'm getting at is I am worried I look like crap. Not just crap, but dog crap, which we all know is much worse! I feel like my biggest fear is being realized because I'm getting to the point of "I don't care, I'm just running to the store." Which is turning into, "Oh, I'm just going to drop Izacc off at school" and "I'm just going to mutual." And thus the dog crap looking commences.

I read Stephanie's post here and here and that's when it all clicked. I felt the same way! I wanted to do the same thing! And then yesterday's sad day of laundry solidified my decision.

So here's my realizations.

I am a bargain shopper. I buy cheap clothes. I will buy the same shirt in different colors if the price is right.

No seriously. What is that saying? "Dress for the job you want"? So I want to be a stripe-wearing bag lady?!

Cheap clearance shirts. They were always a little tight, so I hated them and hardly ever wore them except for under a vest or sweater.

Cheap cheap and cute-ish the first time I wore them. Then they shrink up into a square and I hate them. Never wear them.

Cute enough, but it's the same type of shirt I've been wearing since high school.

I bought these online, on clearance. I like that they are long, but again, the same old style. boring!

Old Navy.
Of course. Clearance central of the world! I should really know better. Honestly.

So let's do some math here. Wouldn't it be better to take the $130 I spent on the above crappy shirts I never wear and instead buy 3 or 4 nice shirts that I love? No really. Shirts that I will wear and look nice in and not feel like I'm a stripey old bag lady?!

I have 75 shirts hanging in my closet. And that doesn't count my winter clothes stored under my bed.

I dress like I'm three sizes bigger than I really am. I hide in my clothes. My pants fall off my butt because I'm worried about having a "muffin top". I still have maternity tops in my closet because my baby tummy is still squishy.

I have lost weight. I am at a good weight. Not ideal, but I look alright. I need to tighten and tone, especially in the middle. That's my laziness right there. Rather than fix the problem, I dress to hide it. Well, that day has come, jelly belly. Your days of ruining my life are over!

It's on, closet! Do your worst! I feel like I've had the same style clothes since I was in high school and I want a new look. I want a new wardrobe. I want to look nice instead of eeking by on a $3 Walmart special. I want to throw it all away and start over! I want to dress like I'm in my twenties, not like a grubby teenager. I want to look nice and kept and not like a schlub. My goal is to have 14 or so shirts I adore, instead of the 100+ ones I have that I hate. Clothes that look good on me and no more "Oh but it's only $5!"

I have found a website to aid me in my quest. My new best friend. Love love love. It's pretty awesome. You put in all your measurements and it helps you find the right look for your bod. Go there, you won't be sorry. I'm an M in case you were curious.

So here's to change! First was the hair, now onto the wardrobe! Here I go! I'm not even scared...well, maybe a little...

Oh and PS I am not above making my own clothes. In fact, I almost prefer it, that way I can get the fit just right. I have some darling fabric I found that I'm thinking about turning into a skirt? Maybe? Any suggestions?

September 14, 2010

Some MORE Things I Love


I've been a mom for 4 years now. I've seen a lot and learned a TON and tried many things along the way. I am nowhere near the Momma I want to be yet, but I'm on my way. With Izacc, everything had to be fresh and new and clean and, well, it gets exhausting and almost impossible when the second one comes around. Ian has become my second-hand baby when it comes to clothes and toys and blankets and whatnot. Poor kid hardly has anything new. I am, however, finding a new appreciation for Mommy gadgets and products. Things I never looked twice at with Izacc, but with Ian almost become a necessity. So here are a few things I love. (ORIGINAL LIST OF THINGS I LOVE CAN BE FOUND HERE)


I have spoken of said Snappies before, have I not?  I loves me some Snappies. 


Allow me to explain.  When I had baby #2, I was given some samples of said Snappies.  When I first started to pump, I used them.  I thought they were cute but I had no idea just how simply awesome they would be.  And I fell in love.  No, seriously.  These little babies are amazing!  They are hard plastic and hold like 2 oz or 2.3 oz?  Anyway they’re the perfect size.  And they have this cute little lid that’s  attached so when you’re done pumping, just flip the lid and snap it shut.  Oh and did I mention the top is the same size as my pump?  Well, most pumps I would assume.  So no attachments and whatnot.  And the inside is kind of slick so the milk fat doesn’t stick to it.  They’re seriously awesome.

I was just going to buy a few of them because they were about a buck a piece. Pricey little devils! But then my overspending, overdoing, thoughtful husband intervened and demanded suggested I spend less by buying more.


So you could get 12 for $12, 24 for $23.95, 100 for $36 or 200 for $80.

Do you see where I’m goin’ here?

Three to five days later, I have a box of 200 Snappies, twenty bags of ten.

I suppose that they do take up more room in the freezer than storage bags but I think that being able to pull it out of the freezer and thaw it and slap on a nipple is worth the extra space.  Way convenient.  However, they don’t really stand up to being dropped out of the freezer onto the slate floor…just an FYI. 

Once I used them all up, or some of them, or whatever, I put other things in them.  Like Q-Tips and shampoo and conditioner for traveling and baby food and other things.  They work really well.  They also make little squatty ones that are called Snackies.  I use them for church treat receptacles.  Moral of the story is that I love them.  And its a good thing, seeing as I have about 200!


Nursing Tanks

What?  Seriously?!  I can nurse my baby without people having to see my jelly belly and other regions!?  Get out!  No for real, why didn’t I know about these beauties before?


I ordered two as soon as I heard there were such things in the universe.  And then I waited and waited and had a baby and still no nursing tanks arrived.  So I called the retailer and they said “oh no, let’s send you another set.” And they did.  And the packing slip said EBONY and IVORY.  And I chuckled a little.  And then the other order arrived.  CRAP!  So I called them and they let me just keep the first order!  What?  So 4 nursing tanks for the price of two!?  Awesome.  Well, I thought awesome until I put one on.  Then it was like HOLYCRAPWHEREHAVETHESETHINGSBEENALLMYLIFE?!?!

I seriously wore one everyday for a year.  They fit so nicely and the tank top was AMAZING!  It fit so well and snug and it even had a little spandex-ish stretchy goodness in the tummy area that help hide some of the flub.  I wore them under regular shirts and nursing was a breeze!  They were my wardrobe staple and I was a little sad when I stopped wearing them…they were awesome, comfortable and super amazing.

And now I see that they are on super sale!!  I think I’ll stock up for next time…must own a pink one…


Tide Stain Release Packets

So, if you don’t know already I have a small love affair going on with Dreft Laundry Stain Remover.  I love how it takes out the nasties and leaves a fresh baby scent.  Ahh.

What I do not love is when Dreft is not string enough to tackle said nasties.  Boo.

Enter Tide Stain Release.


AHHHHHHHHH!  (Can you hear the chorus of little birdies?)


Seriously, it works miracles.  All I have to do is spray my favorite Dreft Stain Remover onto said nasties and throw in on or two of the little Tide packets and watch as I pull sparkling fresh clean clothes out of my washing machine.  I swear I even heard a little *ting* once, you know, like a little sparkle ting?  Anyway yes.  The team I have assembled has even been known to pull out stains from the onesies previously worn by baby #1, even the formula stains that were 3 plus years old…gone!  Vanished!  I swear I love this product!   Oh and it does amazing things with my whites too.  Like they look brand stinkin new again.  Whew!


Bungee Baby Bouncer


This I received as a gift when #1 was born.  It made me laugh so hard to see this little tiny body jumping up and down, basically dancing and having a dang good time all by himself.  When Izacc was little, we were living with my parents and there just wasn’t room for an excersaucer or a big ol’ bouncer or a walker even.  I was so so glad to have it.


It’s  just a band that goes around their tummy/chest area that has Velcro and then a buckle closure.  You can make it as tight of loose as you need, you know, just in case your baby turns out to be a chunk like mine.   Then it’s got straps that go around the crotch area, which also adjust.  Basically, they’re in there so good and tight that there’s no way they’re falling out, or falling over or even falling through.  They’re not going anywhere!  So then you take your baby and there are two straps that you connect to a dowel that is attached to a rope and spring and then you clamp it on a door frame.


My kids have both loved it.  LOVE.  They would swing and bounce and dance and spin and spin and basically wind themselves up, then lift their feet up and spin the other way.  Seriously, so nice to be able to get stuff done and entertain them at the same time.  I could put kid in bouncer and I’d have a good half hour to fold laundry or do dishes before they got bored or tired or hungry, you know, as babies do.  I could even move them from door frame to door frame depending on where I was in the house.

There’s no springs for their fingers to get caught in.  There's basically no danger at all, well, unless you let your kids get so dizzy spinning themselves around that they smack into the door frame.  Yeah, my bad.

I think the only place to get the bouncer is online.  I’ve never seen them in stores.  But you can go here if you want to check it out.

They are basically awesome.  Want to know what’s NOT awesome?  When baby is having such a good time in bouncer and then you realize he’s been dancing in a puddle of diaper goo for 10 minutes.  Yeah, not awesome.  Moral of the story?  Make sure babe is in clean diaper to begin with because whatever is in diaper could get squished and shimmied right out. 


Johnson and Johnson Bubble Bath


Hi.  Who loves the smell of a new, fresh, clean baby?  Or should I say who doesn't love that smell because seriously, it’s pretty hard to beat.  Well, they kicked it up a notch, those Johnson and Johnson folks.  Now when I wash my baby, not only does he smell like a dream, but he gets to play with bubbles!  AND I don’t have to rinse him off after to get the itchy rash-making bubbles off!  It’s simply awesome, this stuff.  I loves it and would bathe in it myself if I wanted to…and sometimes I do!  I was a Baby Magic momma for a LONG time, but this stuff has me converted!

And speaking of smelling good, have you ever tried their Cucumber Melon lotion?


Um, I basically want to eat it, it smells so good.  I don’t care that my boys smell like big sissy la las, I slather them in this stuff!  Mmm, it’s good.


Carter’s Clothing

When I had IZ, people had given me some Carter’s stuff and I loved it!  LOVED the onesies, loved how cute everything was and that it all coordinated.  Loved how they fit, loved how they didn’t stretch and get all weird shaped after being washed.  Love everything about their stuff.  I only thought you could get Carter’s brand stuff at Fred Meyer, Sears, and Sam’s Club if you were lucky.  But then I found that Target had their own division, (Just One Year) and Wal-Mart had one too! (Child of Mine)  Its just a dang good thing I didn’t know there was an official Carter’s store in existence while we lived in Utah because I would have lived there. 

Have you seen their stuff?!  No really, have you?!  Here’s a little fashion show for ya.

DSC05806DSC05872DSC05907DSC06304July 404DSC_0017July 204f6283328f0418368DSC_2486DSC_2577DSC_2816DSC_3251DSC_3996DSC_4148IMG_0532DSC_5129DSC_6324 

ADORABLE!!  I am hooked borderline obsessed.  They’re so colorful and matchy and stripy and they use monkeys a lot!!  So that right there is sold for me!  I seriously cannot go in a Carter’s store without spending at least fifty bucks.  They’ve SO got my number!  I would wager that 95% of the clothes we bought for #2 are Carter’s.  I have a problem, it’s true. 

And I may or may not have a little jumpsuit like these in every size…with matching onesies…

   July 510f0256192f1416960DSC_3291                    

Oh and do you know what else?!  Their baby boy stuff is cute, but you should see the GIRLY stuff!  Oh man!  Can’t wait for the day I get to go get a crapload of PINK stuff!  Watch out, Carter’s!  It will be on!!  But it’s not just the baby stuff.  Guess what, folks.  They go up to a kids' size , like, 7!  So yeah, it’s basically the greatest line of clothing and Izacc sports it too..


If only Carter’s made Mommy sizes…


Aveeno Diaper Rash Cream

My baby gets diaper rash as much as the next guy I suppose.  Not a lot, but a little.  I’ve used all the diaper rash creams out there.  All of ‘em.  There was one night I had had it.  The baby had diarrhea and big bad diaper rash from it and nothing was working.  He was crying and fussy and wouldn’t sleep.  So I packed us up in the car and drove to Wal-Mart.  Thank goodness for 24 hr stores!  I had heard about the Aveeno Cream and decided to give it a try. 41LWP-ga6ML._SL500_AA300_PIbundle-3,TopRight,0,0_AA300_SH20_I put it on, baby went to sleep.  In the morning it was a miracle!  The rash was 90% gone!  It was fabulous!  (Imagine me saying that in a high-pitched voice because it means more that way!)  No really.  I call it miracle cream.  And like any good miracle cream, it is now REALLY hard to find.  Wal-Mart, well MINE anyway, no longer sells it.  I have found it at the Big K though, so hopefully it will be around for awhile and not be discontinued.  Otherwise you will not be able to find it at all because I will have stockpiled it in my basement.