June 28, 2010

Dang Gina!
She's up to her old tricks again!
She's doing a super sweet giveaway for a M&M Baby Morockin Creations carrier up to a $50 value!!

Serio9usly, if you are in the market for a new baby sling, swing on by and enter.

That Gina. She's awesome!

June 27, 2010

Dun Dun Dunnnn

I've got it and I've got it bad.

Real bad.

Everywhere I look I see them.

IT'S A BOY OR A GIRL? Pictures, Images and Photos

I get all weepy.

And saw "awww" a lot.

Beautiful Babies, Flowers, Beautiful flowers, Keefers Pictures, Images and Photos

Perhaps it's because mine is now twice the size it's supposed to be.

Perhaps not.

It doesn't help that practically everyone I know and love is on the fast track to getting one.

Or another one.


Not sure what the best way out of this particular predicament is...
but I have an idea...

Double crap.

I just need to keep myself busy, yeah?
Think that will help ward off the thoughts of fluffy little tiny things?

sid Pictures, Images and Photos

Yeah, I know.
There's nowhere to hide.
Resistance is futile.

Triple crap.

Definitely wouldn't mind getting me one of these though.

Baby Boy Pictures, Images and Photos

All cute and pink and fluffy.

oopsy daisy tutus Pictures, Images and Photos

But the odds are kinda stacked against me.

Stoopid DNA.

And I'm pretty sure I don't wanna end up with one of these

Before I get one of these.

Just an FYI for those inquiring minds.

It's a vicious cycle I tell ya.
Can't be happy with what you have.
Always gotta want more.

The realistic part of me knows that adding to the mix will make me feel kinda
Baby Girl Crying

But then I see

and get all squishy and aww how swweeeettt and oohhh

So what now, eh?
For real here, people.
I think I need a major distraction.
Or else we might have,



June 25, 2010

Friday Confessional: I Like Big Butts and I cannot Lie

I'm back baby!
I've been recovering from the debauchery that was last week.
The shower went wonderfully.
More on that later.
Here are some confessions:
  • My husband has been making me watch Dr Who.
  • And by making me, I mean watching it in front of me
  • and getting me interested
  • and then showing me how to watch it on Boxee
  • and then leaving me alone all day to fold laundry
  • and watch Dr Who.
  • See what I mean? Making me?
  • How rude.
  • As if i didn't have enough tv seasons to catchup on.
  • Now I have another lame show to add to the list.
  • Ever seen Dr Who?
  • It's a British show from the BBC
  • Yeah, I know.
  • You don't need to tell me how lame I am.
  • But still, I watch.
  • David Tennant is one of the actors
  • And he reminds me of someone
  • I just can't place who it is
  • and it's driving me CRAZY!!!
  • I bought a pair of Old Navy jeans last week
  • they were $4.97
  • They weren't marked that, but it was a pleasant surprise at the register.
  • I've been on my diet now for a little over a month.
  • I've lost 17 lbs.
  • My stupid pants I just bought don't even fit.
  • I hate that.
  • I mean, don't get me wrong
  • losing weight is totally awesome.
  • But I really love these pants.
  • And if I wear a belt, in order to keep them up, I'd have to cinch it pretty tight.
  • And then I'd get muffin top.
  • Or I could wear suspenders.
  • We all know how cool those are.
  • I actually have a pair.
  • My husband bought them for me the last time I lost weight.
  • He apparently didn't want to see my bum hanging out of my pants.
  • Not my fault I got flat bottom disease.
  • I blame my Dad.
  • And Grampa.
  • And my mom.
  • Aw heck, I didn't have a chance at having a booty.
  • Let's just be honest.
  • I was predisposed to be a tall flat butted pasty white girl.
  • *tear.*
  • Oh well, I think I'll go drown my sorrows in a episode of Dr Who.
  • And geek out all alone.
  • eating my sugar free candy
  • and wearing my now too big pants.
Go read her blog. And play along!

June 22, 2010

Family Photo Shoot

My super awesome amazing cousin took our family pictures last weekend.
He was so great to squeeze us in, it was kind of a crazy day.
But he got it done.
And he did an AMAZING job!
I highly recommend him.
Plus he's funny.
But sorry ladies, he is taken...


Check them out here.


June 17, 2010

Friday Confessional: I'm pooped!

It's Friday again! Wow where the crap did the week go? Sheesh!
Well, let's get this over with, I've got a million things to do!!

  • I have literally been working on baby shower stuff all week long.
  • All week.
  • I'll be done soon, with not a moment to spare.
  • It's coming together quite nicely.
  • I'm way excited about it
  • As if you couldn't tell.
  • I'm going overboard
  • I always do.
  • And I love it!!
  • I took my kids to Ikea this week.
  • Thats a good way to get everyone to take a nap
  • including me
  • For as exhausted as we all were when we got done, I may as well have taken them on a trip to Sweden.
  • What is with that place?
  • It sucks the life right out of you.
  • And the money.
  • But, ironically, it doesn't suck at all.
  • It's pretty freaking awesome!
  • Ikea.
  • Someday my living room will look like a catalog page.
  • I think my circus is about to drive my poor Gramma crazy.
  • She'll probably be so glad when we're gone!
  • My kids are crazy!
  • And I'm right there with them.
  • I've destroyed the basement with shower goodness and sewing machines and thread and ribbon and pins and fabric.
  • Yeah, poor sweet Gramma.
  • My three year old woke us up this morning
  • holding my husbands phone.
  • He said Gramma Coles was on it.
  • She was.
  • He called her.
  • All by himself.
  • Because he couldn't turn on the TV.
  • And he called my husband's work.
  • And my dad.
  • He told me that my dad was nice and he has a cold.
  • I told him that was Papa.
  • Then he got excited that he had called papa all by himself.
  • We're probably the world's best parents.
  • For real.
  • I gotta go sew.
  • I'm almost done!!
  • And tomorrow's a big day!
  • YIPEE!!

June 11, 2010

Friday Confessional: Utah Again

Hey pals. What's up?
Have you been over here lately? Because I really think you should go.
She's fabulously awesome and I luff her.
Anyway, onto the goods.
Here we go.

  • Here I am, back in Utah.
  • I am helping/chaperoning/tagging along with a youth conference.
  • I'm leaving my babies with their daddy overnight.
  • YIKES!
  • I've never done that before.
  • In fact, Ian and I haven't been apart since August 2008.
  • I'll give you a second to think about that...
  • Anyway,I hope they'll be ok.
  • I'm a little nervous about it to be honest.
  • But I'd rather they be an hour away rather than 4.
  • You know, just in case.
  • So I was just going to come down and go back.
  • But then brilliant hubby that I have suggested staying.
  • And then we just decided to stay the week.
  • Next Saturday is going to be the best baby shower to ever be thrown.
  • It's true.
  • It's going to be ledgen
  • wait for it
  • dary.
  • Yeah, that's right.
  • Remember the first birthday party?
  • Yeah, this party's gonna blow it out of the water!
  • I'm excited.
  • It will be super fun.
  • I hope I'm ready in time.
  • I have a ton to do still.
  • I've been preparing for weeks
  • I'm still not done.
  • Oh man.
  • We went to Pizza Hut last night.
  • When my 3 year old asked for a box for his leftovers,
  • I think the waitress told him that boxes are pretty BA.
  • B.A.
  • As in bad ass?
  • Because if you're into teaching my three year old his second* naughty word, well, we ourselves will have words.
  • He asked me what she said.
  • I told him brilliant and awesome.
  • He doesn't need to know really.
  • Maybe thats what she meant.
  • Brilliant and awesome.
  • B.A.
  • Is it just me or is the slang getting weirder?
  • I thought a BA was a bachelor's degree.
  • And I'm pretty sure you don't need one of those to get a Pizza Hut box.
  • Or give one for that matter.
  • I need to go to bed.
  • I've got a big day of chaperoning/helping/tagging along to do tomorrow.
  • It should be pretty BA.
*Hell has been his word of chioce as of late. See sidebar for more detailed info on that little gem.

June 7, 2010

Baby Shower Countdown

I’ve been up to my old tricks again.    DSC_5540 Except this time I bought a score blade for my cutter and it seriously cut my time in half!DSC_5541 No pun intended.DSC_5544Oh and I added a little blue and brown into the mix.DSC_5545That’s right.  We’s gonna have us a double shower!DSC_5546I’m pretty sure it’s going to be the greatest shower of all time.DSC_5555Judging by these here invites, boy, it’s gonna blow your minds!DSC_5548Not to brag or anything…

June 3, 2010

Friday Confessional: too much boob talk

Hey hey hey! I'm back, friends, and ready to roll.
It's Friday and I gotta get some stuff off my chest.
Speaking of my chest, well, let's start there.

  • I am officially done nursing.
  • YAHOO!!
  • I know I should probably be sad or nostalgic or something.
  • But I'm not.
  • Don't get me wrong, I love my baby.
  • But the minute he tried to get into my shirt on his own, I knew it was over.
  • My boobs are finally mine again.
  • *Triumphant laugh*
  • Ha ha!
  • And I am happy about that.
  • Except for the fact that they are shrinking at an alarming rate.
  • Alarming.
  • I had grown accustomed to their, uh, girth?
  • Size?
  • Swollen-ness?
  • I have always been head chief captain of the Itty Bitty Titty Committee.
  • Head chief captain.
  • I was going to get a jacket made
  • and a plaque.
  • But then baby #2 came along and whamo!
  • I was booted from the club.
  • Bittersweet moment.
  • And I was, you know, liking my new shape.
  • But then, no more nursing=incredible shrinking boobies.
  • Sorry for all the boob talk.
  • My mom probably already quit reading.
  • She's modest and stuff.
  • But then again, I have also been on the dreaded diet for 3 weeks
  • Methinks that might have something to do with it.
  • Two strikes,poor chest, two strikes.
  • I'll soon relinquish my crown as head chief captain.
  • And this time I'm getting that personalized jacket.
  • It's gonna be pink.

Okay go read and play! It's fun and she's practically the funniest person I've known.

Cut off thine hair…

Little one is 13 months old now. DSC_5439

And his hair is still practically not there, well, except for this mess.


SO enter mommy and her shears…and clippers.

And suddenly we went from cute little baby… DSC_5445

…to terrifying toddler.


He was a trooper, no crying, no squirming.

He must have an amazing cosmetologist of a mommy…DSC_5448 …or maybe it was just the help of a little licorice.

The other two also got their haircut.

Izacc’s faux hawk is back, per his request.

And Ian can wear one too, just like his brother.

And I would like to know


if it’s too much to ask


to get just one


decent picture of my boys?!


So close…

Seriously, I give up.



This one wouldn’t have been SO bad except I totally chopped off Izacc’s hair! Whatever. Maybe next time.

June 1, 2010

Adventures In Baby Food Making

When I was a new Momma, I was pretty sure that there was nothing better than the packaged baby products. Boy was I a sucker! Sheesh! In addition to the millions of dollars in formula we spent that first year, I would buy baby food and treats and juice. As long as it was made for babies, man, I was all over it. Once a month, I would buy my baby food. That’s right, I would buy 15 packages of fruits, 15 packages of veggies, (they come in packs of two you see) and 30 “dinner” meals. And Izacc ate them, so yummy.

Problems arose, however, when he decided he was going to be feeding himself and never, NEVER was I allowed to put any utensil near his mouth. So he ate things himself, but things that require a spoon were left off the menu since his abilities to conquer the spoon were yet to be developed. Peanut butter sammaches, beans, cheese, eggs. I know I made a lot of mistakes with Izacc when it comes to his eating habits and he is by far one of the pickiest eaters I’ve ever met.

So this time around, I changed things up. I gave Ian avocado as his first food. I fed him food from the table. I bought a food grinder and fed him what I was eating. I bought baby food when I was traveling or in a pinch, but for the most part, he ate what I ate.

And guess what?! He eats EVERYTHING!! Everything. It’s amazing. He’s a little Hoover and it floors me the difference between he and his brother’s eating habits.

Sunday dinner for example.

Yummy sirloin roast, mashed potatoes, steamed broccoli, salad with hard boiled eggs and cheese.

Ian: meat, potatoes, eggs, cheese, broccoli, more eggs, more potatoes.

Izacc: Hot dog…mashed potatoes…an egg white…tiny slice of cheese.

It’s almost funny, you know, until the little one is bigger than the big one.

I guess we’ll cross that bridge when we get there.

But when Ian was starting to eat food, I decided that I could just make my own “baby” food rather than spend a fortune on the same stuff.

When I had Ian, I received some samples of a milk storage freezer container called Snappies.

Ever heard of them? Yeah, me either. They were cute and I was lukewarm about them until I used one.

It was awesome. I won’t go into a lot of detail here, but they look like this:


I was just going to buy a few of them because they were about a buck a piece. Pricey little devils! But then my overspending, overdoing, thoughtful husband intervened and demanded suggested I spend less by buying more.


So you could get 12 for $12, 24 for $23.95, 100 for $36 or 200 for $80.

Do you see where I’m goin’ here?

Three to five days later, I have a box of 200 Snappies, twenty bags of ten.

Pumping and pumping months go by and I’ve used a lot, but not all of the sweet little Snappies.

They hold 2.3 oz and that’s just about perfect for baby food.

They have an opening just bigger than a baby spoon.

And they’re made to freeze…

DSC_3277 DSC_3253 DSC_3270 DSC_3272 DSC_3274 DSC_3276

So pretty!

With the help of this website and a little product by the name of Fruit Fresh,


my peaches were yummy, my bananas were the perfect shade of white-ish yellow-ish banana-ish cream, my pumpkin tasted delicious, and they all stood up to the freezer test. Even when they thawed, they stayed the beautiful shade they started out with. And, of course, baby gobbled them right up! Well, the food, not the Snappies…of which I still have three unopened bags…