January 28, 2010

Out of the mouths of babes...

Izacc asked me tonight how the girl in my tummy was going to get out.
Erm, what the what now?
Girl in my tummy?

He said that yeah, the girl in there like Ian.
I'm not exactly sure what he's trying to say here.
So I asked him if that means he wants a sister.

He said no.

He wants a puppy.

A boy puppy.

Not like Zoe because she's a girl.
A boy puppy to play with that walks on his arms.

No, not his arms, what are they called?

Yeah, legs.

Ahh, my lovely son. What did I ever do without you.

PS He also informed me that I will be having 5 children. Not 5 more, just 5 altogether.
My little soothsayer.

January 8, 2010

Allow me now to vent, por favor

I've been gone. WAY gone. I looked at the last time I posted, nearly a month ago! We had a wonderful holiday! We went to Star Valley, Salt Lake, back to Star Valley, back to Riverton, on to Casper and back. It was busy, that's for sure. Enjoyable for the most part, but a lot of traveling. And here's what gets me. We're not even home one night, not one, and it all falls apart!

Could someone come over here and explain to me exactly what the crap is going on with my stinky old body? I have literally been in bed for the past 4 days. 4 days! 4 days of cleaning up and sorting and putting away the Christmas decorations and gifts and laundry missed. 4 days of it taunting me everywhere I turn.

I should be grateful for the vacation but it has not exactly been a picnic. Not to go into the gorey details, but it's been one thing on top of another. A stomach virus turned into a migraine turned into a deep nasty cough/sore throat. As if that weren't bad enough, mother nature decided to come crap all over everything.

I shouldn't complain, I suppose. I had a good run. It lasted much longer than it did with Izacc. A little over a year and a half without the cursed event. I was enjoying not having to worry about it. It's just a big bummer.

And it hurts.

And I'm sorry to be such a crabby patty.

I would LOVE to get my butt in gear and clean up the hurricane I currently call home. But for some reason beyond my control I have been put on an annoying form of bed rest.

If I could just sleep it off, now, that would be a nice little miracle. No such luck. Thing One and Thing Two keep their schedules just so that as one is sleeping, the other is waking. And vise versa. And Daddy went back to work, both of them.

So here I sit...in bed...trying to keep some graham cracker down...listening to Izacc talk to himself through the wall and Ian's lullabies through the monitor. I'm over the moon about both of them. No doggy old sick week is gonna change that. Just wish I could be a better Mama on days like these.

Ah well. Let's raise our glass of 7-up and toast (mmm...toast) to a better week. Here's hoping!