September 27, 2008

Extreme home makeover...well, a makeover done at home...

Okay, so I have been growing out Izacc's hair now for months and months trying to achieve a cute surfer-boy looking shag. It was almost there and I just couldn't handle looking at it anymore. I couldn't style it, it was always a mess, he basically looked like an orphan. Maybe I'm just hormonal but I couldn't take it anymore. So we sat down in front of the TV, put in a Backyardigans DVD and I have to say, I have cut PLENTY of children's hair and it can be quite the challenge. My goodness, I do not miss those days. When I was in beauty school, they always told us to never, never, NEVER cut your own child's hair because it will only end up in disaster. I don't know, something about them not being afraid to throw a fit or something. Anyway, my little Izacc is the best kid ever as far as getting his haircut, and has always been! I can't even believe it. I have cut it four or five times now and from the first time I did it, he really didn't even seem to mind. I keep expecting the little evil child to come out...maybe I have spoken too soon... I guess we'll see next time. Daddy hasn't even seen the new do yet, he's been out of town for three days. Hopefully he'll like it...otherwise I may not ever be left to my own devises again!

September 26, 2008

Oh Izacc

My son Izacc, pretty much the funniest person I know. He is really starting to pick up a lot of words, and trust me, he and I are both grateful for that. His cute little personality is really starting to show through and his imagination is really coming into it's own. He was cracking me up today. He found a box and began to run, full speed through the house with said box on his head. I don't know how he could even see, and after a second it became obvious that he couldn't because he ran smack into a wall.
"Wipeout" he said, and I laughed. Being the funny child he is, he proceeded to replay his little stunt, running into walls and chairs and the tv, yelling "oohhh" or "wipeout" with each hit. But the thing that was cracking me up is the fact that he was saying something that resembled "yeah bub... zer bop... zer bub" in a monotone, raspy voice. I asked him what it was he was saying and he said it again, monotone and growly, "ZER BUP" After several attempts of possible words, I asked him if he was a robot. He screamed "YEAH!! ZER BOP!" So, either that is his way of saying robot, or it is his interpretation of how robots speak. Either way, you gotta love this kid!

September 24, 2008


So we have had a crazy month. We had a giant-sized party for Izacc the day after his birthday. After his first party, I said that I wouldn't do anything big again for awhile. But then somehow it all spiraled out of control and we ended up with a bigger party than last time! Whatever, it was fun. Thom's brother and sister in law and their two kids came, along with Thom's parents...and my parents and Brock, Sevena and Monte and Spencer and Nicole, and our friends Mike and Christine. It was funny that we had so many people come, and the up side we had no leftovers to deal with! So that was great. Izacc got a lot of Wall-e crap, which is his favorite of the moment. Wall-e cake and everything. It was like Christmas for the kid. Really, I am saving some of the gifts he opened up in the closet. When Christmas does roll around, he's getting them...again. He will never know.

My family and Mike and Christine stayed for the weekend, since it was Labor Day, and we had some kind of crazy Rock band marathon. It was so much fun and everyone got a chance to play. It was like musical chairs, no pun intended.

Brock, Spencer, Camie, Nicole, and Mom

Brock, Spencer, Sevena and Monte, and Nicole.

Mike, Christine and Mom.

Thom left on
Labor day for work. (He travels a lot.) I had planned on going to Salt Lake for a week and then to my mom and Dad's for a week, but I decided the house was too cold and lonely so I decided to make an early start of it. So Izacc and I left on September 2 and went to Star Valley, which meant we got to celebrate Uncle "Pee"'s (Spencer's) birthday on the 3rd with him.

We stayed there until Friday, when we headed to Salt
Lake. My little cousin, Kody, got baptized that next day. Izacc and I then just spent the week hanging out with friends and relatives. We also did some freezer corn and canned peaches. It was fun The night of the 11th, we had a girl's night and my mom and I, along with my aunt Liz, my aunt Kim, my cousins Sarah, Amy, Jeni and Sis in law Nicole
all went out to see Mama Mia! I had seen it before, but it was just so much dang fun! My
mom and Liz were dancing (we sat in the back!) And we were all singing and it was so fun to be out without babies and husbands. We went to the LATE show though. Whew, I am getting old when I feel like such a rebel for being out after 10pm!

My cousin Jessica got married on the 12th and it was simply beautiful. She's so cute. That's her new husband, CJ.

And you know me, I can't go anywhere without getting my hands into someone's hair! My little cousin, Emma, was Jessica's flower girl and I did her hair for the wedding. She was adorable.

It was kind of funny, there were a lot of us

without spouses there. My aunt April, my cousin Jeni, Me, my cousin Sarah, Nicole, my mom, my cousins Elizabeth and Melissa, and Amy was there on the end, even though her husband was "technically" there, he was playing videographer, so he was busy. We all ended up sitting in the same row at the wedding. Singles for the weekend.

It was a lot
of fun and it was good to see everyone, all my family. I miss living down there and seeing everyone on a more regular basis.

We then trekked back to Star Valley and spent another week with the fam. Thom joined us on the 19th and he and Brock went on the hunt for firewood. We also celebrated little Monte's first birthday.
Sevena made a super cute cake and it was a lot of fun.

Again with the hair! My mom was in need of a retouch and I talked her into letting my cut it short. I like it, no I love it, I hope she does...

Finally we arrived back
home and are trying to get settled back into the swing of things. We went to the doctor yesterday and found out everything looks good. I guess now is good as a time as any to break the news, we are having another baby! Izacc has been saying this since the end of July, actually. He would touch my tummy and say "baby" and it would make me sad because we've been trying for almost a year. So when I found out, I was super excited and then surprised when he started saying "two babies" He was right about me being prego, so I was a tad worried. I don't even know what I would do with twins!! But the Dr said yesterday that there was only one. I was relieved, but Izacc looked at the ultrasound picture and he keeps saying "two babies" Who knows, maybe he's talking about himself and the new baby...I hope.