July 27, 2010


Please oh please forgive me. This place is a MESS!!

I am currently under construction, if you will.

I'm playing around with some stuff...

and my blog looks like CRAP!

All will return back and better than ever...(I HOPE!!)

In the meantime, for your enjoyment, picture me dancing like a monkey.

I knew that would TOTALLY make up for the mess, right?


July 25, 2010


Wow, so my life's been flashing before my eyes and I'm not even experiencing a traumatic event!

Baby's first, transcription, baby shower, Ben comes home, Girls camp, baby blessings, 4 year old party...it's seriously zipping right by me.

I promise to catch up...as soon as I can catch my breath...which might take a while...but thanks for stickin by me...

July 13, 2010

Lazy Dayz

Life's pretty good these days.

We're spending time with my Gramma.
We get to see a lot of family.
We got to meet two of the sweetest babies to ever be born.
We're playing outside.
We're basking in the sun.

My youngest brother comes home from his mission tomorrow!
We're all pretty excited to see Uncle Ben.
Izacc wants to make a sign that says "welcome to Wyoming!"
Even though he's flying into Utah.
Ha. He makes me laugh.
Izacc is such a fan of Avatar the Last Air Bender.
He hasn't seen the movie, but has watched the anime.
He's got some pretty sweet moves.
And an official air bender tattoo.
And check out those air bending eyes!! Ha ha!

The only thing that would make life better would be if Daddy were here with us.
We miss you!!
Wish you were here!

But all the same, family, summer, sidewalk chalk, and babies.
You just can't beat that!
Have a happy day, everybody!
Try not to eat too much sidewalk chalk!

No really, life's good. Promise!!

July 8, 2010

Friday Confessional: I have found the secret!

It's Friday again and you know what that means!
Garbage day!

AND a new Friday confessional!!
Which is not garbage!
Well,I don't think it is, but you know.
Everyone has their own opinion.
Oh whatever!
I know, you are so excited.
Let's get a crackin', shall we?

  • I have recently discovered a way to make time.
  • It is a fabulous recipe.
  • Take 2 boys
  • Add two bowls of cereal
  • and two high chairs
  • or chairs with straps
  • whatever is most handy.
  • Then turn on television.
  • Now,before you think I am a horrible mother, understand
  • We're talking about my family/dining room here.
  • There is a GIANT opening between it and the kitchen.
  • So they are not totally enclosed in a room by themselves.
  • I can look down upon their sleepy eyed faces as they mow their respective bowls of fruit loops.
  • And pass them sippy cups of juice or milk.
  • but the moral of the story is
  • Holy crap it has been the greatest week of my life.
  • Why have I never thought of this before?!
  • I mean, it only lasts about 15 minutes before one or both of them are up in my face again.
  • But if I'm speedy, I can usually get a good shower, sometimes (gasp) bath in.
  • 15 minutes is about all I've got.
  • But for those sweet fifteen minutes I enjoy the privacy and semi-quiet of a real life honest to goodness shower.
  • Ahhhhh.
  • Sweet relief.
  • Whatever, you know I have the door open just in case.
  • But still
  • it's a shower
  • all the same.
  • No one wanting to get in with me
  • No one playing peek a boo with the curtain
  • No one playing in the sink and/or toilet
  • No one crying because who knows why.
  • No one.
  • Alone.
  • I know someday I will miss them
  • being all cute and playful
  • and wanting to take a shower with me.
  • But for now
  • once in a while
  • it's nice to be able to have a shower
  • all by myself.
  • And it is wonderful.
Now go play!

July 1, 2010

Friday Confessional: All About the Thompson

Hey ya'll! This here is my 150th post! Awesome no?
Well, maybe not to you but I thought it was cool.
And my baby brother comes home in a little under two weeks.
I am OH so excited!!
Anyway on to today's confessions.
This week has a theme, as set by this sweet little missy.
Oh how I lurve her.
(go read her blog now!!!
Well, after reading what I have to say of course :o)

Anyway, here is way more than you ever wanted to know about me and my beloved...
  • Thor and I met at good old CWC in Riverton, Wyoming the fall of 1999. We lived in the same apartment complex and I saw him around. He always wore a leather jacket. He frightened this little country girl who was, quite literally, fresh off the farm. He once said hi to me and I hid in the laundry room until he went away. Before too long, however, his hotness won me over. It took about 6 months, but hey, what can I say? I played hard to get...
  • If I had to pick of my favorite physical feature about him I would have to say it's his cute button nose? Thick, wavy locks? Taut, round buttocks? (name the movie) Naw, it's his hands. They are so big and strong and beautiful. Or his eyes...yeah...
  • My favorite personality feature about my hubster would be his sense of humor and his work ethic. He's hilarious and cracks jokes with the likes of me, so that's saying something in and of itself. But he works so hard and never half-asses it. Can I say that? He's a tough one, that kid.
  • We had our first kiss somewhere between March 3 and March 4 of 2000. Yeah, it was late, and I wasn't watching the clock if you know what I'm sayin'...yeah ya do...oh don't worry. I was still a good girl, it was just really really late...after a dance...he tricked me into it really. He'll say it was all his roommate but I know the truth. Moral of the story is that's the LAST movie party of his I'm ever goin' to!!!
  • He totally gets on my last nerve when he whistles at the kids and leaves my beautiful clean kitchen a big ol' pig hole. Boo!!
  • I knew he was 'the one' one day when we were walking together and he hauled off and tackled me to the ground and tickled me. I know, sounds ridiculous, but that's when I knew he was for keeps. Although, I knew KNEW knew when I got an answer to a prayer. He was planning on leaving to move to Florida after graduation, we had only been dating two months at that point. I prayed and prayed hard about him, you know, wanting to know if he was, uh, 'the one'. I may or may have not prayed for a sign...you know, something along the lines of 'if he and I are supposed to be he and I please please keep him here.' type of statement...WELL, the very VERY next day after I did or did not utter those words, he told me his plans fell through. THE NEXT DAY...coincidence? I HOPE not!! Otherwise I made a BIG mistake!! :0)
  • He was very very different from all the other guys I had dated. He was so sweet to me, he took care of me, he didn't use me and he was real, he didn't mince words, even if it might offend me. He was who he was and wasn't trying to impress me or win me over. Some would call it stubborn...but it' what makes him him and I'm so glad he was...is? Whatever. I love ya baby!

That's it. Well, you know there's a lot more, but that's it for now.
Go play! At least go read! Have a great weekend!