January 30, 2009

Camie Needs...

Ha ha! I have seen this on quite a few blogs and just had to try it! Okay, I'm bored and my husband had won't be back til tomorrow so...

Google your name and "needs" and post the top 10 things that YOU NEED!

1. Camie needs your suggestions and positive comments. (Hey, who doesn't want positive comments?)

2. Camie needs a new home. (aww, is there something wrong with the one I've got?)

3. Camie needs and audience. (ha ha, this one is funny...and if you know me, well, then you know how true...)

4. Camie needs a high-powered lubricant? (um yeah. Next...)

5. Camie needs to know numbers of people coming so that he has an idea of numbers expected etc etc. (well, who doesn't right? I mean it's just common courtesy people come on!)

6. Camie needs to correctly ink the design. (Yes I'm sure I would if I were a tattoo artist)

7. Camie needs to stop getting kidnapped so many times already. (boy do I ever...wait, what?)

8. Camie needs a blog. (um no, I already have one thanks)

9. Camie needs sources or references. (again, I'm sure I would, were I doing something that required such things.)

10. Camie needs all the floof she can get. (again...what?)

On an interesting note, I found out that there is such a thing as the Camie awards...CAMIE is an acronym for "Character And Morality In Entertainment". The CAMIE awards are given to films which emphasize character and morality. They were established to "encourage the production and awareness of outstanding, uplifting, and entertaining motion pictures with positive role models for building character, overcoming adversity, correcting unwise choices, strengthening families, living moral lives, and solving life’s problems with integrity and perseverance."

--too funny, no?

January 26, 2009

Thank you Worland Wyoming

I have been pregnant before.

With Izacc, the craziest craving I ever got was for a Butterfinger...and it was in the middle of the day at work so it was as simple as going to the vending machine and viola!

I had yet to experience to unusual phenomenon of needing to have something so bad that I was willing to rip someone's face off to get it.


Let me give you some background here. December was a pretty crappy month health-wise. I was forbidden the partaking of soda period. Water, water,water was my drink, which hasn't been so bad. Not a HUGE soda drinker anymore, so not really a big deal.

Back to the other day. I was visiting Thom at work and a co-worker of his asked me if I could do make-up for someone who was shooting a spot that day. I had to go home and get my make-up, but it's not even 2 miles away, so I left Izacc with his Daddy while I went home.

On the quick drive, I suddenly wanted a Dr Pepper so so bad! It was weird, but I just passed it off and reminded myself that we (the baby and I) don't drink soda. I'm crazy, I know, but I kept driving. Got home, picked up my things and started back to the station.

Then, by no intention of my own, I discovered I HAD to have a Dr Pepper. Um NOW!! Simple enough, you would think, seeing as how all you have to do is stop by any convience store and pick one up. Here is where the story gets tricky.

I don't drink caffeine while pregnant. I have read too many scary statistics and had two, um, well let's just say unfortunate experiences while pregnant, so I just swear off the stuff.

I've been fine until now.

So I go to Safeway, thinking they have a large enough selection, surely they would carry the Caffeine Free DR. Pepper, right? Ha ha, ha ha...WRONG.

So, I calmly drive to Smith's and cruse right to their beverage section. I search and search for the unleaded stuff, but to no avail. I start getting sweaty and panicky. I go down the aisle once more very slowly and find a caffeine free diet coke...would that appease the beast?

Yeah no dice.

So I look like a crazy person at this point, walking up and down the aisle of the freaking grocery store, mumbling to myself. A nice gentleman offers his help. I take a deep breath and politely inquire about the magical beverage.

He smiles and says that there is just not the demand for such things in this area so that particular store chooses not to order it. I offered this fella, short of my firstborn son, basically anything to see what it would take to get some. Again, he gave me the supply/demand speech.

What happened next, I'm sure when I get to Heaven, I'll be in trouble for. In my mind I saw myself literally punching this guy in the face and all sorts of other naughty and vulgar obscenities pouring out of my mouth. Rather than cause a scene, however, I kept my cool and thanked him and RAN out of the store. Wish I was joking about that part...I ran.

I got to my car and had a small breakdown, a few tears and choice words, and decided to return to the station.

I am not like this. I have NEVER had such emotion and feeling over something as STUPID as a soda. I blame the hormones. At least, I hope it was the hormones...

I did the make-up, took my son home for a nap, and called my husband. I sent him to the last store in town that would have the smallest possibility of carrying the stuff and told him that I didn't care if it cost $20, I needed to case of it. I was waaaay past being satisfied with just a bottle.

I may or may not have told him not to bother coming back if he couldn't find any...my memory is not what it used to be.

So on behalf of my unborn son, I would like to take this opportunity to officially thank my local Wal-Mart for carrying this product.
As well as my local bottling plant in Worland, Wyoming for said product.

Also, I need to thank my poor, poor husband. Aw, Thom...

By the way, it was delicious.

January 24, 2009


Izacc got some new snow pants for Christmas and it actually snowed in Riverton, so we got all dressed and went for a short sledding adventure. It was really fun, except for the fact that poor Thom had no traction on his boots and kept falling down. He couldn't even climb up the hill! Sad Daddy! But Izacc had a blast and liked being pulled around in the sled.It was, however, a sad reminder that we're not 16 anymore. The soreness that resulted from our little excursion the next day made it all too clear.

Just a quick update on the pregnancy, everything is going great, aside from the nasty case of sciatica I've developed. It's not bad all the time, but if I lay down and try to move, well, let's just say it's not a pretty picture. Boo. But all is well. Here I am at 23 weeks.

January 23, 2009

2008 in Review, Alphabetically

2008 was awesome! I have been needing to do a recap of sorts and I saw this on another blog. It was a lot of fun going through all our pictures and memories from 2008, and I wanted to share, seeing as how I have only been blogging for about six months. So here we go...


is for Anniversary. Thom and I celebrated our fifth year being married in May and we spent the weekend in Pocatello...alone. Izacc stayed with my mom. It was so simple and a lot of fun.


is for beach. This past summer, we found a little beach about an hour away at Boysen Reservoir. We took Spencer and Nicole with us and had an awesome day.


is for cakes of the birthday variety. We love us some birthday cake and last year was full of 'em.


is for Denver. We took a little family vacation to Denver in June and went to the Zoo and the museum, and of course, a trip to Denver is not complete without good ol' Casa Bonita!


is for Easter Eggs, which we colored so magnificently.

is for fun fun fun. We had a lot of fun just doing nothing like going to the park and playing with our new ROCKBAND game!


is for Grampa Ralph, who passed away in March. We miss you so much, Grampa!


is for Heise Hot Springs where we spent the fourth of July. It was a warm day, which was nice and Izacc went down the big water slide with Mommy for the first time! We went into Idaho Falls and watched the fireworks and aside from the massive allergy attack I had, it was a great day.

is for Izacc, of course. This kid is fabulous.


is for jabbering. Izacc really started talking it up, after I took away his binky that is. He is constantly amazing me with the things he says. I think he's a pretty smart little boy.


is for kinfolk, meaning our family. We spent a lot of time with our families, which was fantastic. We love all you guys!


is for lizard who we found in my mom's backyard. We took him to the creek and set him free. He was pretty cute and Izacc wanted to keep him, but it was best to let him go...


is for musical. I was in the musical Beauty and the Beast at the college and it was a riot. I love being on that stage!

is for nephews, and we've got a couple of cuties. Monte, who turned one in September and Brennen, who was born in August.


is for off-roading. Izacc really loves him some four-wheelers...and cars...and trucks...well, basically anything he can steer.


is for pregnant. That's right, baby! It took us a year, but we finally got the job, uh, done. Oh, and if you haven't heard, it's another boy! We're excited.

is for quilts. I made two cute rag quilts, one for Izacc and one for Spencer and Nicole.

is for renovation. Our house is finally (almost) done. We were able to get the bathroom done and the spare room as well as the family room.


is for Super hero, namely Batman. Izacc was an amazing Batman for Halloween and he had a blast!


is for two, which is how old my baby Izacc turned this year, and for THIRTY which is my sweet hubby's age now, and heck, I guess it can be for twenty-eight as well, right?


is for Uncle Ben, who went on his mission to Mississippi in July. We miss him so much, but are so so proud of all the work he is doing.

is for Valentines Day cookies, of which I made far, far too many. We took them to our friends around town.


is for weddings, which I attended a plethora of, including Christine's, Stephanie's, Jessica's.


is for X-terra. Alas, with the ridiculous gas prices, we decided it would be best to part with our beloved X-terra. It was a sad day and I'm kinda missing it now that it's winter, and the fact that I don't know how to pack like an average American. But we did get a brand spankin' new Dodge Caliber, which I do love.


is for yard. We spent a lot of time and money this year putting in trees, bushes, flowers, and basically making our yard look a little better. Next year, hopefully, a fence.


is for Zoe, aww sweet little Zoe. She turned 3 in June and even though she has been mostly banished to the cold outside, we still love her!

Happy (Late) New Year!

How was yours? We spent ours at Thom's parent's house. We let Izacc stay up to watch the ball drop. We got to hang out with Uncle Richard all night and that was a lot of fun.

Here's what we did:

Dinner - pizza for Izacc and Mommy
Hot wings for Daddy and Richard
Snacks throughout the evening - Marshmallows, chips, and an éclair.

We went to Target and bought a couple games with Christmas money. We got Sorry and Attack Uno. The Sorry game went off without a hitch, you know, how hard is it to mess up a game of Sorry? Well, we then busted out the Uno. We were not familiar with the rules, so Thom read them while I set up the game. No exaggeration, 2 1/2 hours later, I looked at the box and it said "fast-paced family fun" Fast my butt! So I grabbed the rules from Thom and read them. For those of you who have ever played Attack Uno, this is going to sound RIDICULOUS! Thom had been having us push the button on the machine after EVERY play, when in reality you were only supposed to push it when you didn't have a card to play or when you were told to, you know, like a draw four or whatever. I had about 50 cards in my hand alone! So we finished out the game the correct way and had just enough time to get Izacc into the tub and watch the ball drop. And I was worried about what we were going to do all night! Oh well! Here's to 2009!

A Little Bit of Izacc

Hi everyone, this is Izacc. I had a lot of fun this past Christmas. I got to stay with Gramma and Grampa Izatt and Uncle Spencer and Aunt Nicole for two weeks before my mom and dad came to Star Valley. Gramma and Grampa did lots of fun stuff with me. They even took me to go see Santa.I was a little unsure about the real thing, so Grampa came and sat on his lap with me.
I told him I wanted big riosaurs (dinosaurs) and Wall*e.

How do you like my hat?
I have a little secret...

It's not really a hat. It's Grampa's stocking, but Mom kept calling it a sock, so...
...I decided to put it on like you would a normal sock. Guess what? I practically fit! It's a pretty big stocking.
Merry Christmas!

Daddy took me outside to play in the snow. It was awesome!
I wanted to play in it...
...and throw a snowball at Daddy...
...but when I tried, it didn't stick together. I threw it and it blew back in my face. I was done playing in the snow then.
Also, Uncle Chad took me for my first snowmobile ride. We went really fast and it made my eyes water! But it was so fun and I wanted to keep ridding all day!

Daddy and I got matching jammies on Christmas Eve with topper-toppers (helicopters) on them.

I left Santa a letter and some cookies and milk. I was very excited! I picked out the cookies myself and I told Mom what to write on the letter.
It said, "Dear Santa, Dude. I made you some cookies. Socks, my socking is hanging up. It's the one with a bear on it. Love Izacc. PS I love the movie, Rudolf."

On Christmas morning, the cookies and milk were gone! And Santa left a note that said he gave Rudolf a cookie too! When I saw what he left for me I was so excited I couldn't move! I got a whole bunch of dinosaurs and a new Wall*e sleeping bag!I was the best month ever! I had so much fun!