November 5, 2010

Friday Confessional

Hi!  It's a double dose of me today!  Lucky you!! You're going to be so sick of me by the time this month is over!!  Ha, well, sorry. You can stop reading now if you like.  Oh, you're still here?  Okay well let's go!  I confess:

  • I kinda feel like barfing.
  • No reason, just feel like crap.
  • Blah I hate that feeling.
  • Also I hate that my stinking space bar on my laptop is stupid.
  • I have to be very vigilant  and pay attention to what I'm doing
  • orallmysentanceslooklikethis.
  • Not kidding.
  • I'm about breaking my thumb trying to hit it hard enough to make a space.
  • I have no idea what happened.
  • One day it just sorta stopped working.
  • Lame $5 laptop anyway!!
  • It was a deal from the college because it didn't have a hard drive.
  • But really, for five bucks I guess I shouldn't complain about a stupid space bar.
  • It's just super annoying.
  • Know what else is super annoying?
  • Uh how about anything on Nick.
  • Dora, Wonder Pets, Umizoomi, Fresh Beats
  • I miss the days without cable.
  • And the days when Izacc didn't ever see toy commercials
  • Because all I hear all day is a combination of whatever show is making him yell out
  • And "I want THAT for Christmas!  And I want THAT for Christmas!"
  • And "WOW!  Mom!  I really want THAT, not for Christmas, for right now."
  • Whew I'm glad Ian can't talk yet.
  • Ish.
  • Dear, sweet Izacc.
  • He even wants all the girl toys.
  • Doll houses, dolls
  • Basically, if it has a commercial, he wants it.
  • He's even said he wants the whatever home gym, a Snuggie and Kmart Layaway.
  • Heaven help us. 
  • Granted he only watches about 2 hours of Nick a day.
  • But they are jam packed with wants and needs.
  • What did we talk about before tv?!
  • Gosh.
  • And Christmas should be a breeze this year
  • Because apparently he'll  be happy with anything!
  • Oh Christmas.
  • How can it be so quickly approaching?!
  • Manit'sstressing me out.
  • Slow down, world!
  • Or time.
  • Or whatever it is that is making months fly by like weeks.
  • Lame.
  • Oh well, I suppose I'd better buckle down and enjoy the ride
  • It always goes by so dang fast.
  • Ug, Igottagobarf.
  • Or something like that.
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Mark, Steph, & Alex Toone said...

I hate Nick too! I like the Disney channel a little better because they mostly just show commercials about other shows. By the way, I love how you write your blog. When I read it, it always makes me smile. Even though I haven't seen you for like 10 years I feel like we are good buds. Plus it's fun that we both have boys that are pretty close in age. Anyway, sorry about babbling on and on :)

aubrey said...

I think most parents hate Nick. I can't stand Dora or Diego (who are not wilderness experts! They are poorly supervised preschoolers!). We dumped cable channels about a year ago and my kids are once again living on PBS...the lack of toy commercials is bliss. I haven't heard anything about Justin Bieber or Zhu Zhu pets, they are happily in the dark.

Hope you feel better soon...

Jen said...

I totally feel you! I only let my daughter watch PBS. But recently I guess my husband got desparate (or lazy) and allowed her to watch Nick jr. She is now Obsessed with Olivia. I don't mind Olivia... I HATE the commercials!!

Love your blog! Mind if I follow?

Debbie said...

We got rid of TV altogether last year (Don't panic-we still watch DVDs- I'm not a BARBARIAN!) As for Christmas, if you're like me, you end up doing it ALL. Good luck to you-and I hope you feel better :)