November 5, 2010

30 Days of Truth: Day 5


This is a fun one.  I have been thinking about this a lot lately...let's call it a mid-ish life crisis. Had you asked 20 year old Camie this question I am almost positive it would have gone something like this:
Get married.
Have kids.
Be a famous actress/musician.
Visit somewhere warm and tropical.
Live happily ever after.

Yeah, I know.  I had high hopes and huge dreams.  It's amazing what a few years can teach ya... or throw in your face.  So now that I've checked a couple of those things off my list, it's definitely time for a new updated version.

STAY married.  (not as easy some days as it seems)
Be a good mother to my kids.
Earn a bachelor's degree...and TEACH theatre perhaps...or maybe math.
Visit somewhere warm and tropical (what can I say? At least I'm consistent)
Find a home to settle down in.  And when I say settle down I mean I am going to plant roots and NEVER MOVE AGAIN!  I love my husband dearly.  I think he must be part Nomad because he gets the itch about every three years.  I am constantly in this limbo of  "should I make plans?  Should I get all the boxes unpacked?  Will it be easier to just keep things stored in boxes?  Should I fix up the house?  Will it sell like this?"  Well one day I will be able to say "Oh we've lived here 20 years."  I can't even wait.
Get back into my size 8's.  Oh baby, those dang babies...
Take my family to Disneyland.  And I'm serious.
I hope I get to be a grandma, heck even a great-gramma.
I wanna be on stage again, somehow.  It's in my blood, my DNA.
Live Happily Ever After

Pretty good list.  More practical, almost ALL doable.  Yeah.  Awesome.


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