November 22, 2010

30 Days of Truth: Day 22


Yikes.  Anyone want to meet the skeletons in my closet?  Well come on in!

No really.  There are a lot of things I could put here.  A lot.  And most of them could potentially change the way a few of you look at me.  Things that may or may not surprise you about me.

So if you love me just the way I am you'd better stop reading now lest your views be ever changed.  

Still here?  Alrighty, lets go.

I wish I hadn't been so unconditionally trusting in people.
I wish I hadn't been so unhappy alone that I always felt I needed a boyfriend.
I wish I hadn't  been so unhappy with the way I looked that I felt the need to starve myself and other such nasty self hating things.
I wish I had never taken that first sip of alcohol.
I wish I hadn't blown off my mom's advice.
I wish I hadn't been the one who couldn't keep their mouth shut.
I wish I hadn't been so quick to judge.
I wish I hadn't been so afraid of confrontation that I lied, only to make things much worse down the road.
I wish I hadn't given in so quickly.
I wish I hadn't been the one to act a fool.
I wish I hadn't felt like I needed to be right there.
I wish I hadn't stopped and changed course.
I wish I hadn't pretended to be someone I'm not.

I'm sorry for being so cryptic here.  It would be the world's longest post if I went into each and every one of these.  For real.  And I know it looks like I regret a lot of stuff, but some of them deal with the same thing...a little.

Anyway if you really want to know about anything, just ask.  I'm pretty much an open book here.

I'm positive that each and every statement above happened for a reason and has formed me into the rockin' mama I am, so for that I am grateful.  

I guess I wish the road from there to here would have been a little less rocky.

But then again, would I be who I am if there had been no bumps at all?  

Gosh, this is all too deep for a Monday night.  I'd better get outta here!


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Michelle Nielson said...

Aww camie u r such an amazing person! We all make mistakes and it is what it is. As long as u learned something from it, well, that's what truely counts! Love ya!