November 29, 2010

30 Days of Truth: Day 29


Yeah, as if there's only one thing I'd like to change.  I mean are we talking physical here or what?  Because I'd really like to have a booty.  I have flat butt.  And a smaller waist.  I have man belly.

But seriously, there is something I hope to change about myself and that would be to not let things get to me the way they do.  I worry so so much.  I worry about people and how they are and if they are doing good things and making right choices.  I worry I've offended people and my mind just goes crazy and every little thing adds up and it seriously gets out of hand.  I worry I annoy people and then, again with the crazy.  I worry and stress and take things personally that aren't even meant to be aimed at me.  Does that make any sense?  I hope I can get the crazy under control and just be able to live day to day without the worry that I said something that offended someone and that's why they won't return my text or that I annoy someone and now they won't want to even hang out anymore.  Seriously?!  It sounds so stupid when I write it out like this but really, in my mind, it goes on and I get carried away and assume  the worst and worry and stress.  It's a waste.  So I'm going to be done with that I've decided.  It is lame and I don't wanna be that way anymore.

So look out world!  Here comes the new, more confident Camie!  I'm not going to worry as much about stuff like when I don't hear from someone and worry that they are dead!  Or that my kids are super annoying and that's why we never get invited to play.  No more!  Here we go!  I hope I can do this...  



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tiburon said...

I am the same way with the worrying. And between you and me - I have been talking to a therapist and they are helping me learn to shut down. It has been a lifesaver!