November 13, 2010

30 Days of Truth: Day 13


Oh baby.  As many of you know, music is my life.  This post could go on for days and days.
Alright.   Here we go.
In jr. high, well, you know how that all goes, right?  Basically the most awkward and odoriferous time of childhood?  You don't know who you are, you don't know who you can trust, you don't know what the CRAP is going on with your body.  It's not so fun, wouldn't want to do it again.
So, you know, while a lot of kids my age were listening to heavy metal and smoking,wanna know what I was doing?
Yeah.  I was in my basement bedroom acting out "Phantom of the Opera" myself...

Yeah, I was all sorts of awesome.

Lets not dwell.

But, I was MAD into show tunes.  For quite a few years, actually.  It seriously got me through a lot of hard times to just disappear into the music.

And then I discovered Dave Matthews Band.

And my life was complete.
Not kidding.
Their music got me through a lot, including my sweet Momma having breast cancer.

Their music has always spoken to me, both lyrically and melodically.
I can remember all the concerts I went to, all the new albums I bought.
They had a lot to do with my growing up.
And I think I turned out pretty kick a**.

Oh and lest you think I'm a mellow hippy-loving pot-smokin jam band listening girl, oh I'm not.
There was a very hard time I went through a few years back.  Not good, not happy.  The thing that helped me get through it and get over it was this band, and this song, more specifically.

And there are so many others and times I could tell you about. Maybe someday.  But for now, listen and enjoy.

And don't judge me!
I am a totally fabulous conglomeration of awesomeness.

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Mark, Steph, & Alex Toone said...

The first part of this post reminded me of when I was in jr. high acting out Les Mis in my basement. Good times :)