November 17, 2010

30 Days of Truth: Day 17


I really wish I had a great answer for this.  Let me tell you one thing about me: I sometimes suck at life.  I haven't read a book in over a year.  Actually, I think the last book I read was back in September of 08.   So yeah, it's a good thing I'm not being judged on my reading because I would be failing miserably.  I would love to read more.  I actually love reading.  It's that I'm kind of a book snob.  I'll start a book and if I'm not feeling it, I quit reading.  So I've started quite a few since then, I just haven't found one worth finishing.

The one I would say changed my views on something would probably be The Host by Stephenie Meyer.  Wanna know what it changed my view on?  Me ever reading a science fiction novel, that's what.  Who'd a thunk I would read (and love) a science fiction?!?  No seriously. I you know me you know that's just not my style.  And I cried when it was done.  No, I cried before it was done.  I was reading and crying and then it was over and I was all  "NOOOO!!  Now what am I going to read?!"

A science fiction book?!  Really?!  Yes.  In fact, I probably read and re-read the first few chapters five or six times before I got into it.  See?  Here's where the book snobbery comes into play.  I would read it and be all "What?!" and stop.  Then I's start again and not remember what was going on because I wasn't paying attention.  So I'd start again and understand and be all "WHAT?!?"  And on and on this went.

What was different about this book you ask?  Why did I keep picking it up and giving it another chance?  Because my sweet cousin Jeni is the one who recommended it to me and I trust her opinion a lot.  She's a book snob too, but on the opposite end of the spectrum.  She reads everything before she decides how she feels about it.  Her book collection is seriously to die for.  Aw, I love her.

So maybe that's the ticket.  Having a book approved for me by my dear friends and family.

Alright, so anybody know of any good books?  I really need a good read.


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