November 12, 2010

30 Days of Truth: Day 12


Ha ha yeah.
No on ever says, "Gosh, Cam.  You're WAY too skinny!"
Or "Camie, you have the greatest fashion sense!"

This is a weird question.  There is TONS of stuff I never get complimented on and that's probably because it's not something meant to be complimented.

Okay,  so I'm thinking it's meant to mean something you think is pretty great and no one else sees the need to compliment you on it.  Hmmm...I honestly can't think of a dang thing here because I hang out with some pretty fantastic people.

You know how women can be catty?  I don't know if it's like a competition or something that makes themselves feel better, but women can be down right rude.   I think that if someone is wearing something cute, tell them!  If they look fabulous, tell them!  If they do something that is amazing, TELL THEM!!

So the moral of the story here is that I have a group of friends who seem to believe in this philosophy as well.   There is honestly nothing I can think of that is pretty fantastic about myself that has not been complimented on once or twice.  So thanks, girls, for always lifting me up and giving me those compliments, even if I don't feel I deserve them.

And PS next time tell me how skinny I am.
It MAY be a tiny lie, but it would sure make me fell better!!


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