November 2, 2010

30 Days of Truth: Day 2


I'm not sure how I feel about this one.  How do I list the things I love about myself without sounding like I'm bragging?  I have a problem, obviously.  I could fill a book with things I don't like, but ask me to admit stuff I love?!  Now I'm stumped! 

My goal here is to make today's list longer than yesterday's.  Yeah? I think that sounds good, let's have some positivity up in here!  The good things about me!  That way I'm just lovin' on myself!  Ha!  Anyway, here we go!

I love my eyes.
I love toes.
I love my mad hairdressing skills.
I love my attention to detail.  Some may call it obsessive, I call it thorough!
I love my sense of humor.  
I love that I am not a shy little girl anymore...mostly.
I love that deep down, I'm an immature 12 year old who giggles when someone farts or says "sex".
Ha ha ha. (no really, even typing that made me chuckle.)
I love that I am a hopeless romantic and cry at the same movies every time I watch them.
I love my love for music.  My obsessive love for music.
I love giving birth. Yup, I'm sick.  I do it without epidural, without medication and seriously could do it a dozen times.   NOT THAT I'M GOING TO!!!  Gosh, don't even go there!!!
I love my NEED to be on the stage.
I love the way I bake.  I'm a pretty stinking good baker.
I love my willpower.
I *trying* to love my new shape. 30 lbs down is nothing to sneeze at!
I love my singing voice...mostly.
I love that I love to play hostess and plan parties and have fun.
I love my huge heart that, even though it sometimes gets me in trouble, is probably my best feature.
I love that I am a pretty smart girl and I can usually think my way out of any situation.
I like to think that I am rational and level headed with a pretty firm grasp of how to balance everything.
I love my craftiness and sewing talents.
I love that I'm usually a very positive person and can see the bright side.

There.  That's about all I can think of, and some of those are a stretch. But I think I love more than I hate, so that's good.  
Again with the working on of the lists. It's kinda good to know, that way I can be working on making this one longer and the other one shorter.   Excellent!


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A Baarz said...

I love learning about you and I love the fact that you are so honest. I look forward to November. :) Thanks for your posts.