November 3, 2009

30 Days of Thanks #3


Ian Reed came into the world 6 months ago. He was so sweet from day one. He's so mellow and easy going. He is my little angel baby and we are so lucky to have him. He makes my heart melt
I mean how could it not? I fear for my life as he gets older because I'm afraid I will not be able to say no to that sweet, sweet face. He's so yummy!

He sits, he drools, he's got 2 teeth coming in, he's making the most adorable sounds now. He sings and he LOVES his brother. I mean love. No one can make him smile like Izacc can. And he's huge. I'm talking large and in charge. He's wearing 12 month clothes and size 4 shoes. His head size is LITERALLY off the chart. Sometimes I feel like I've been ripped off because he was only small for a month or so. It's like he skipped right past the newborn phase and right into toddlerhood. Oh well, he sure is a cute toddler/babyman.
I am thankful for this baby. He is ours on behalf of much prayer and wishing and hoping and it took awhile to get him here, but he is so worth the wait.

Is there a more adorable baby in all the land? I kinda think not!


Lange Family said...

Oh I just love reading these 30 Days of Thanks blogs! What a great idea! P.S. Ian is so stinkin' cute in these photos.

The Boob Nazi said...

I LOVE the one of him in the wagon. HOW cute!

Shan said...

I'm glad that you have 30+ things to be thankful for Camie. You deserve all of the happiness in the world and then some. ;)