November 12, 2009

30 Days of Thanks #12


How in God's green earth did I ever EVER survive without my GPS?!

No for real.

It's insane how amazing this little device is.

I can remember the good old days when you would drive to an unknown city with just a map and a prayer in hopes of finding your destination. And then, after many MANY failed attempts at finding said destination, stopping and (gasp) asking for directions.

Better yet, I can remember the days of Yahoo maps and their step-by-step, turn-by-turn directions. And I can remember finding that the roads on the directions do not exist. Or did exist at one time, but not anymore. Or have not been built yet. Or telling you to bear right on a road where there is no bear...or bearing to be done.

And the days of two young girls trying desperately to get themselves to a concert at Mile High Stadium by randomly picking an exit and hoping for the best.

(Speaking of remembering, remember Mile High Stadium?)

Or two young girls trying to find their way from the airport to a bridal shop and screaming as they try to make it across 5 lanes of traffic to get to their exit...

Or ending up in towns that should be much further south...

Or on roads that don't appear to exist anywhere on the map...

Denver will never be the same now that I have a GPS.

It has taken all the adventure and near death experiences out of driving through that city...


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Jamie said...

Hey congrats lucky duck on winning the bummas!