November 23, 2009

30 Days of Thanks #23



I was in the mother's lounge nursing Ian on Sunday at church. Izacc had decided he needed to come with me. So off we went.

There were two rocking chairs in the room as well as an old school pew from an older church. It had a bouncy cushion across the whole seat, to which Izacc immediately converted into his personal trampoline.

I finished my business, Izacc bounced.
I told him we needed to go.
He told me he needed 5 more minutes.
I picked up my stuff and finished adjusting my clothes.
I told Izacc it was time to go again.
Izacc bounced away from me.
I hear a thunk from the corner of the room.
Izacc cries.
I rush to his aid to find his eyebrow gushing blood.
I begin to escort him to the adjoining bathroom.

All of a sudden, the other mommy in the room (did I forget to mention her? There was another mommy nursing in the room too) told me to give Ian to her.
I hesitated for a second and then plopped my babe into her already full arms.

I wash Izacc's hands.
I wash Izacc's face.
I wash Izacc's shoes.
I wash my own hands.
I wash Izacc's face again.
I wash the floor.
I wash the doorknob.
I'm pretty sure it looks like a crime scene.

He looked quite a sight. He had blood all over his beautiful new vest and shirt, which just so happened to be white and tan.

He split his eyebrow wide open.
No stitches.
A lot of tears.
And band-aids.
And q-tips.
And strawberry milk.

To the mommy who saved my bacon on Sunday, I thank you from the bottom of my heart. I have no idea what the crap I would have done without your help. THANKYOUTHANKYOUTHANKYOU!!!!

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