November 18, 2009

30 Days of Thanks #18


Have you ever had something happen to you or seen something and it FREAKS you out? And you keep thinking, "There HAS to be a logical explanation to this! Because if not I'm gonna hide under my covers and I'm not coming out EVER because I am freaking out!"

I am very very thankful for logical explanations.

So last night, just after midnight, I was sitting in my parent's guest bedroom, nursing the baby and I just so happened to look out the window. As I did I saw a light. Let me clarify. It was not like lightning, it was not like headlights. It was as if the sun came out for 2 or 3 seconds and then went back down. It was so bright and lasted for longer than just a flash.

So I ran out to my mom in the kitchen to see if she had heard anything. She said she had seen a flash outside too. We opened the door so see if there was anything, you know, unusual going on outside. No clouds, no power poles on fire, all the lights in the neighborhood were on.

Crap. So that rules out a freak lightning storm, a blown transformer and a vehicle that had spontaneously combusted.

All that leaves is ALIENS or some crap like that. I really expected to see a smoking crashed spaceship or ET running about.

We were freaking out. We didn't dare go outside to investigate any further. We locked the doors and turned off the lights. Mom even saw a flashing light coming in through the window and shining onto her cabinet...which turned out to be the computer in hibernation mode.


I crawled into my bed and prayed that whatever it was would stay far away from my babies. I avoided looking out the window for fear of seeing something I don't wanna see. I was not in the mood for a Men In Black/Independence Day reenactment.

This morning, I told cute hubby about it. He laughed and called me irrational.

He then told me that there was a meteor shower last night, but he was watching it and saw nothing.

Whatever, he'll be sorry when I find the charred remains of an alien spaceship.

Well, imagine my relief when I saw this.

I read through this and kept saying, "Yeah! That's just like what I saw! Yeah! I'm not crazy! And there were no aliens! YAY!!"

And I watched the video and it was exactly what I saw.

Ahhh, sweet sweet relief. All due to the logical explanation.

Whew. Good thing for those aliens, I didn't want to have to get all Will Smith on their butts!

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