November 28, 2009

30 Days of Thanks #28


Man. How easy is it to pull that bad boy out of the basement and put it up?

No needles, no hiking straight up the snowy mountain and getting soaked.

No hauling saw and risking major owies.

No vacuuming up the needles.

No sticky sap leaking on the carpet.

No watering the tree.

All good.

I mean, I do admit it was fun to get together as a family and do all this stuff.

But we can still sip cocoa and snack while we put it together.

And I do miss the pine smell.

But I can just go buy a scented candle.

Hooray for plastic trees!

1 comment:

Tara Ann said...

Skip the candle - buy one of those scented trees that people hang in their cars - tuck it somewhere deep in the middle of the tree. Then you can have the scent all day long :) Cheesy, I know, but worth a shot - right?! lol