August 17, 2011

We Want To Know


Well, if you can believe it, it's Wednesday again!!  Holy crapola how is it going by so dang fast!?!?
  Join us, won't you?!  Link up with Mamarazzi and Alicia aka Queso.  It's always a good time!!!

#1  Did you live in the same town or move around a lot as a child?
Oh man.  Not only did we live in the same town, we lived in the same house!  I'm finding this is rare the more people I meet.  And my parents still live there and most likely will until they die...and we'll bury them no I kid.  That's just weird. 

#2  What were your parents like?
Awesome to the max, that's what!  My Dad worked for the State Dept. of Transportation and was gone a lot.  I remember him being grumpy and having to watch what we said around him, but I also remember we used to watch the Disney cartoon Robin Hood every Sunday night and he would laugh and laugh and laugh.
My mom was funny and silly and listened to John Denver and Neil Diamond and ABBA. We had a good time, we sang a lot and she's help us make forts.  Gosh I have a lot of fond memories of my mama.

#3  Do you have any siblings?  What were they like growing up?
Did I?!  Yeah, I did.  3 younger brothers, no sisters.  They were fun growing up.  Being the only girl, I was so SO no the sissy la la classy pile of woman you now see before you. No no, I was somewhat of a tom boy.  It was survival of the fittest at my house, eat or be eaten!  Always be on your game!  Make fun of the other person to show them how much you love them! Learn how to hit as not to have a dead arm!  My husband actually had to tell me to stop hitting him in the arm.  I was hurting him, but that's how we say 'I love you' where I'm from!

#4  Share a short story from your childhood.
Oh gosh there's so many I could share! So so many.  Let's see, well how about the time my mom told me NOT to ride my friend's 4 wheeler.  And I did anyway.  And we were driving down one of the dirt roads and my friend let her cousin drive and she was turning the handle bars back and forth really fast and I fell of and got ran over.  And I had road rash all up my legs and face and arms.  And my mom took care of me and helped me and not once did she ever say "I told you so" or anything!  Listen to you moms, kids!  

#5  What did you look like?
Well, that depends on what point of my childhood we're talking about here.  I ended up okay, I like to think so anyway.  And I started out cute...

 ...but somewhere in the middle there things got all awkward and, uh, schmexy.
Yikes.  Good thing I'm a secure person.  Those were some interesting years.



Megan said...

hahaha i love your description of your pictures. I went through the same crap!

And I have 2 younger brothers so I know what you were dealing with!

dddiva said...

Too cute- I have a motorcycle incident- OOPS.

Teddy said...

I gotta tell ya, I LOVE the bike pic! I have one almost exactly like it. AND I LOVE your hair color. I wish I had it. You are the bomb.