August 17, 2011

Blog Swap 2011--Summer In Germany With Adrienne

Hey there all of Camie’s readers! 
PhotobucketMy name is Adrienne, I am a 23 year old military wife and I am here, living in Germany and am originally from Portland, Oregon (represent!!). Currently My husband is in the US Army and we’re stationed here in Germany for the next three years (hopefully more!). I love crafting, art, photography, sewing (even though I don't have a sewing machine yet), traveling, and just being me! I run the blog called Right Here, Right Now! and it is my baby! I have been blogging since... (I had to look it up...) March of 2008. My blog has gone from scrapbooking, to art, to photography, to just being a personal blog with photography mixed in. I also run a photography blog. It is not as well developed and has been kind of on hiatus for a while... as inspiration has sunk, and I love taking iPhone pics... heh!

I also talk show a lot of pictures of my puppy, Koodge. :)

Anyway, I am here to take over Camie’s blog for today to talk about summer. Summer is my absolutely my most favorite season of the year! I can get a tan... My seasonal depression subsides, and it just makes me generally glowy! Ha.
Summer in Germany.
Sucks. Even compared to Oregon! I mean, it rains ALL the time in Oregon... but we have at least ONE MONTH of summer! But no, not here, not in Germany. There are... Days. Probably not even a week. If you’re lucky enough, you’ll head out on the weekend, and get to enjoy some sunshine (that day for us, was in April... weird, no?).
Last weekend my husband and I were lucky to have some sun when we went to Würzburg (pronounced Vertz-berg) to go to Ikea and a castle! It was amazing! I finally got a bookshelf and one of those expedite shelves (you know the ones with the square holes??). And that helped my own summer blues. 
 Now that I have these amazing shelves, it feels that life is coming together a bit better now, and that makes me happy. Now I just need to paint the apartment... and get some furniture that is NOT the Army Loaner furniture... Cause this shit is UGLY! lol.


There are TONS of things to do in Germany if you have GREAT walking shoes! hahaha. There are festivals like, EVERY weekend during the summer, and tons of HUGE music festivals.

And then, there is always some wine drinking:
Which is like, my most favorite part of Germany!

Then there are visiting some of the castles in and around Germany.

Summer in Germany is kind of crappy, but it is also a great time of the year where the weather is pretty mild. Perfect for exploring, hiking, seeing the country side and exploring all that Germany has to offer.

I know I will miss the summer when winter breezing in... *sigh*


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