August 5, 2011

Friday Confessional: Eating My Words AGAIN


It's Friday, Friday, gotta get down on Friday.
Please tell me you know what I'm talking about here.
If not, watch this and get back to me.
And laugh your butt off at the awesomeness.
Ha ha ha ha.  That video kills me.
Anyway let's get going here, shall we?!

I confess...
  • I had this post all worked out in my head and ready to go.
  • And then I forgot it.
  • Nursing brain is SO MUCH WORSE than preggo brain.
  • I can't remember crap anymore!
  • And I couldn't remember crap before!
  • So imagine my dilemma.
  • Last week at this time we were becoming the proud owners of a 2000 Pontiac Montana minicruzer.
  • It's in such good shape and drives like a dream.
  • I hate to say it but it's freaking awesome.
  • We went to the lake last weekend with Steph and her hubby.
  • We took the van.
  • It was amazing.
  • It was roomy and comfortable and could hold all our crap.
  • And I sat in the gloriousness and shamelessly ate my words.
  • The words "I'll never drive a mini van" are no longer in my repertoire.
  • An I'm totally okay with that.
  • I kinda can't wait for our first road trip in the family wagon.
  • Should be a good time.
  • I was walking today to pick up Izacc from the bus stop and I realized something.
  • I have a freaking amazing life.
  • My home, my clothes, my hubby, my kids, my hubby's jobs, even said mini cruzer.
  • All such blessings to have.
  • And on top of all that, I have seriously the world's most amazing friends.
  • I can't remember life before them.
  • It's pretty sweet to find someone you mesh well with.
  • And gosh dang they make my life super amazing.
  • I took my kids to the fair last night.
  • Oh I forgot to mention my husband is gone.
  • Yeah, he's at some convention in Vegas, won't be back for a few days.
  • And my little buddy had been begging me to take him to the carnival.
  • Reese and Steph to the rescue!
  • They came and helped me load everyone up 
  • And we ate fair food.
  • And they helped me wrangle my boys.
  • And they didn't even ride any rides!
  • They helped me so much!  There's not a chance in you know where I would have been able to do it myself.
  • They're always such nice things for us and I seriously don't know what I'd do without them.
  • I'd be a lost soul.
  • Steph and I have the best time together too!
  • No drama, no fighting, no lameness, no backbiting.
  • Gosh dang she's awesome.
  • Speaking of which, we need to go play soon so I gotta go.
  • Gotta get some lunch first.
  • When my husband isn't here I eat like a champ.
  • Pita bread and ranch dressing for lunch.
  • Frozen pizzas or pancakes for dinner.
  • It's a good life...but only for a few days.
  • I want him back, safe and sound.
  • And soon.
  • It's  kinda like living alone again.
  • Well, except for the three monkeys I've got to take care of and clean up after.
  • Meh, scratch that.
  • I'll  give up my lame lunches for you!!
  • :)
Now go link up and play!  All the cool kids are doing it!



Stephy said...

That IS what she said =)

I can never express how much we love you guys & how awesome you are! We didn't go to the fair for you, we went for us & were so glad you came along! It was nothing to help you, we didn't even think anything of it. We just love being with you & your kids.

Also, stop playing around on the internet so we can play in real life!

Oh and I love your van...Now you can live in a van down by the river - IF you want to!

mrs. peterson said...

hahah steph just cracked me up... down by the river! haha

that song... TERRIBLE! purely TERRIBLE teenagers enjoy that crap. gag. but a good laugh none the less.

im glad you guys had fun at the fair & i hope thom gets home safe sound and soon!!

Rachel Murphy said...

Your life sounds wonderful! Hope your hubs makes it back safe and sound and you have a great weekend!

Sarita said...

Just read Steph's post before yours and never put 2 and 2 together! Pretty dense, huh? Nice van! You totally make mini vans hot!

Mamarazzi said...

i am pretty sure you can pull the mini van off and still be cool.

YAY for time with friends that is drama free and FUN!!

thanks for linking up!!

Heidi B said...

I thought I would never own a minivan, but when I wrecked our Alero, a SUV was out of our price range and not as fuel efficient, so on to the minivan. We have the exact same van!(Well on the outside)