August 19, 2011

Friday Confessional


I confess...
  • Yeah I've got nothin.
  • Not today.
  • I have 568 million things to get done before we leave for our family reunion tomorrow.
  • Gag.
  • I've been multitasking like a crazy person.
  • For example, cleaning the kitchen while we eat.
  • Or cleaning the bathroom right after I shower, so things are nice and steamy and come clean easy.
  • Or writing poems in my confessional.
  • In fact, I may or may not be pumping as we speak.
  • Depending on your level of TMI of course.
  • It's going to be fun though.
  • My family reunion, not me pumping.
  • Yeah, fun fun fun.
  • Nice to get away.
  • Its all the packing and cleaning leading up to it that's giving me anxiety.
  • My Mia is chilling next to me in my bed.
  • She has discovered the awesomeness that is her mobile.
  • She's cooing and smiling as the flowers go round and round.
  • Yup, you heard me right.
  • I've attached her mobile to my headboard
  • Because thats just how I roll.
  • She loves it.
  • I love that she loves it.
  • I do not love that it is a wind-up one so every minute or so I have to reach up and wind it up for her.
  • Gah!  Don't they make them with batteries or something?!
  • Why couldn't I have sprung for one of those bad boys?!
  • Think, Camie!  THINK!!
  • Yeesh.
  • I haven't yet settled on a nickname for her.
  • Amelia just doesn't roll off the tongue.
  • Mimi, Mia, Emmy, Baby Foo Foo, Mia Poo Poo, Mini Moo.
  • She gets them all from the various family members.
  • Poor kid's gonna be so confused she won't know WHO she is!!
  • I spent $44 on stamps yesterday to send out birth announcements.
  • Um, that's a pricey little tradition.
  • Or I have to many friends and family.
  • Either way, it wasn't cheap.
  • But they turned out super cute.
  • And I love them. 
  • Maybe I'm the only one in the world who sends them out??
  • Oh well.
  • I have been getting my butt outta bed to excersie every day this week.
  • If you know me, that is a feat in and of itself.
  • I am oh so very sore.
  • And hopefully it will be paying off soon.
  • I was looking at pictures from Ian's first birthday.
  • Whoa mama!
  • I had a little junk in the trunk.
  • And on the sides, and mostly in front.
  • And I am NOT going to look like THAT when lil sis turns one.
  • I don't wanna look like that when she's six months old!
  • So it was time to get a move on.
  • Crazy diet lady may return here soon.
  • But I'm not willing to give up the good stuff yet.
  • Like ice cream and magic brownies, which I made a pan of last night as a way to convince my Steph to come play with me before she leaves again.
  • Baby steps.
  • Exercise, then diet, if needed...
  • I fear I may need it.
  • Oh well, all in good time.
  • As soon as we get back Izacc starts school.
  • AND it's his birthday.
  • And that weekend we're having a lot of company.
  • AND I have 568 million things to do.
  • Whew it's gonna be a long day...and possibly night...
  • Good thing I've got magic brownies to keep me going...



Stephy said...

I hope you know you NEVER have to do things to convince me to play with you. You're my favorite.

WHY oh why aren't we working out together??!! Work out buddies are the best. Sheesh. Also, you look FABULOUS and SKINNY already.

I can't wait to see you. Only 53 more minutes =)

I shall miss you whilst you're gone for 10 years!!

Sameer & Lisa said...

Hi Camie Rae, this is so true! A friend was just telling me how the 4 days before and after a vacation are the hardest. I love your style of jotting down thoughts here. I am completely identifying with the multitasking but getting nothing done thing. It seems like all my energy just goes toward maintaining the status quo, while I don't make progress on bigger things. Love your mobile-on-the-headboard setup (except for the windup part, of course). Have a good time at the reunion! And (P.S. I dropped by from Beanie Designs)

dddiva said...

Hope you have a good time at your reunion.
I don't know how not to multitask.

nab2010blog said...

you do know that "Magic Brownies" can be taken 2 ways and I'm not sure you need "that" kind of attention. you should link up the recipe when you mention it so everyone can see why Stephanie keep drooling on my floor.