August 14, 2011


Izacc is wearing a shark tooth necklace.
Ian looks like he's perhaps pooping his pants.
Amelia is now wearing size 2 diapers.

And we were having dinner, I made hamburger pie. 
It has green beans.  
Ian was speed eating.  
He mistook his finger for a green bean.  

Hilarity and sadness ensued. 

Have a beautiful evening. 


Saimi said...

Ha, poor little guy..taking a bite of his finger like that... What a darling photo of the three, they are so beautiful and cute!

Stephy said...

Oh I love you.

And your kids. So much.

I love the picture so much!

Date Girl said...

Lol omg this is such a cute picture. I LOVE the expression on your little Ian's face. He does look like he either pooed or he maybe farted. Izacc looks like he's about to pick baby girl's nose. :-) So framable!