September 7, 2010

And Now A Little About the Other One


I want to be fair! If I'm doting over one, I have to brag about the other, right? So yeah, let's talk about Thing Two. He is seriously too much for words. He cracks me up every day. He's so cuddly and happy and basically the most handsome of children. I am so in love with him. For my own sake, let me fill you in on what’s up with him these days.

  • He loves "puppy". He fell in love with a blue stuffed animal Carter's puppy a while ago and they have been inseparable since. Sleep without Puppy doesn't happen. All animals with 4 legs are puppy. Can't say Dada yet, but puppy we've got.
  • Speaking of speaking, he can say Mama, Papa, Puppy, Baby, Bubble, Weee as in a squeal of delight, and uh I suppose I should mention SpongeBob. Yeah, it's funny and cute and a little embarrassing but SpongeBob Squarepants is in his vocabulary.
  • He loves LOVES to dance. He is always moving, be it in his car seat, high chair or just walking around, he's always shaken' what his mama gave him. He moves his head from side to side, body back and forth, bends his knees, twirls in circles, and claps. And he has different dances depending on the song playing. Pop song? He's spinning in circles and running in place like the "She's A Maniac" dance. R&B? He crunks it, gets low, bends his knees and dips up and down. I kid you not, pretty much the most entertaining thing ever. We listen to music all day just so I can watch him move it!
  • He adores his older brother more than anything. He copies his movements, he mimics his inflection, he follows him all around the house. It makes me so happy to watch them together, playing and wrestling and laughing and oh my heart. I love it. He also likes to put things away so he'll follow IZ around and pick up things he's dropped, which is a huge help for me.  And a giant annoyance for IZ.  Sometimes he’s trying to build something and EB is right behind him putting it away.


  • He loves to bathe with IZ as well. They have the best time in that bathtub. Always laughing and squealing and splashing. I can just see the flooded floors someday...
  • He hates shoes and socks. He hates socks. He would go barefoot everywhere if I let him, and I usually do. He plows right through grass and rocks and twigs and without hesitation, water and whatever happens to be on the ground. He's gonna have pioneer feet like his mama I fear, all calloused and rough.
  • He.eats.everything. He's.always.eating.He's.bigger.than.most.two.year.olds.
  • We call him Tank.
  • He's getting really active and runs up and down stairs so fast, it's a good thing we've only got like three that we use because there are times he misses one and down he goes.
  • Devil bird screams.
  • His eyes are the color of, well gosh I can't even say. They're blue and brown and green all together, so gorgeous. I've honestly never seen anything like them. He's going to be a lady killer, hide your daughters.
  • He gives the best open-mouthed kisses on the planet. He blows kisses for bye bye and waves, knows "please", "thank you", "more", and "drink" in sign and shakes his head no for everything. Pretty entertaining at times. "EB, is that yummy?" shakes head no. "EeBs, do you love mama?" shakes head no. Ha ha I love it, except when you ask if he wants something and I can't tell what the crap he's saying!
  • He colors like a champ! IZ didn't start coloring until well after he was 2, but not this kid! He loves to color! I can see this ending badly as well... 
  • He mimics sound, all sounds. Airplane? Dishwasher? Truck? Radio static? He's got them all down. And not only does he mimic sounds, but he matches pitch as well! He might be my little singer one day!
  • He loves to pull the pillows off my couch and sit on them. Or lay on them. Or hit brother with them. Or make a path on the floor. It really doesn't matter, as long as they are NOT on the couch. Seriously, I pick them up at least five times a day. They're fine on the floor, but when I put them up on the couch an alarm must go off in his little large noggin and he comes a running to pull them off again.
  • He now likes to be held upside down, which is quite the feat alone. But he also loves to be swung around and thrown onto the bed and is shaping up to be quite the acrobat.


  • He adores babies. Loves to touch their feet and slobber on their heads, poke at their eyes. My gentle giant, all I can think of is Lenny in Of Mice and Men. Aww.
  • He's worn double his age in clothes all his life. We're on the outer cusp of 2T now and he's only 16 months. I had hoped he would taper off a little, but so far, well, he just keeps getting bigger! He's going to pass up IZ in, like, a year. Which would mean we need to fork out the cash for a whole new wardrobe for him. Because heaven forbid he and IZ share clothes!!! It's hard enough for IZ to see EB wearing the 2T stuff! Nope, no clothes sharing for those two. And you know, as my luck has it, that would be about the time I pop out a girl so we would be buying TWO new wardrobes! Ha ha. I love my life.
  • He laughs when anyone laughs. Like he's totally in on the joke. Who knows, maybe he is.
  • He listens to me and follows directions way better than even IZ does. And he LOVES to throw his stinky diapers in the trash. And then he claps for himself. AWESOME!!

So he's the most adorable thing I know and I can't get enough. He makes everyone fall in love with him and he waves and blows kisses at everyone. I never thought I would LOVE having two boys as much as I do. It's the BEST!

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tiburon said...

What a cutie patootie! I am glad you did equal time :)