September 13, 2010

Good Hair Day

I have always wanted to do this.



I used to cut peoples’ hair and send it off for them and wonder how it must feel to be apart of something way bigger than themselves.

To be helping someone in need.

To be helping period.

To be worried about someone or something else instead of how my hair looks that day.


So now I know.

Off it goes to be processed and shaped and glued and cut and made into something wonderful.


Something for someone else.

Someone in need.

Someone probably less than half my age.

I love it!


PONCIANO said...

Awsome!! We sent Kynzlee's hair off the last week of kindergarten. We had watched a thing on tv that showed how they made the wigs and showed kids getting their wigs. It was great and she was happy that she did it! I have always wanted to but my hair never gets that long:(

The Collard Clan said...

That is awesome!!! I keep thinking that some day I will do that but I keep chickening out and can't chop my hair. You're so cool! :-)