August 26, 2010

Random thoughts

So here I am, waiting for the boys to go to sleep so I can go to sleep. (We're sharing a room here at Gramma's you see) SO instead of watching TV, I thought I'd get a few things off my chest.

I love Ellen. Her show makes me so happy. It's like my breath of fresh air. Have you ever watched it? I think she's so stinkin funny and it's on at three, which means that if I'm lucky (and I rarely am) both my boys will be asleep and I can sit and fold laundry and laugh. Ah Ellen. So funny.

My baby has learned how to scream. Not just a "waa waa" kind of scream, no, but more of a "demon bird sent from hell" kind of scream, or screech I should say. Now, don't get me wrong, I'm not saying he's a demon...he only sounds like one. Really, he's adorable as all get out, and pretty dang smart as well. But the sound that comes out of his mouth could make you dig your eardrums out with the first blunt object you find.

And speaking of the creeper child, you know how in scary movies and stuff when they're running from something scary and it's all exciting and then they see the scary thing across the room then they glance down or at something for a second and then turn to look across the room again and the scary thing is standing right in front of you? Like how the crap did it move so fast?!?! Yeah, that's my baby. He's part ninja, perhaps, not 100% sure really. All I know is he can move that tiny hiney across the room pretty freaking fast.

So the other night, my hubby and I were in bed and all of a sudden I heard a crinkling sound,kind of like a plastic bag or something. The thing was we were in bed. And it sounded like it was UNDER said bed. I swear I heard a mouse. In fact, I may have sworn out loud. Then contemplated things like moving and bombing the house. We pulled that bed out so fast and looked, but alas, no plastic, no mouse turds, and no mouse. Back to bed we went and were sitting there when we heard it again! You know how you kind of just freeze when you hear something? Well, we sat there in silence and then my foot twitched and the noise, we discovered, was coming from the empty bag of diapers at the foot of my bed. I'm awesome, in case you didn't know. I was in a serious state of panic about imaginary mice and how I was packing up and going to be out of there if we had found evidence.

I'm still boycotting Jay Leno. I miss Conan. Late night will never be the same.

I have been on my diet for 3 months now, I've lost 24 lbs. Why is it I still feel like a fat tub o' lard? I mean, obviously those ellbees came off of somewhere, but it's lost on me. I still have the muffin top, still have the jelly belly. Maybe I should start running? I don't know. Realistically speaking, I would need to lose another 20 to get down to my fightin' weight, but I haven't been there since college and it's been quite the accomplishment getting this far. Stoopid body wanting stoopid food!

I am so very thankful that I was able to nurse my 2nd baby. Didn't have very good luck the first time around and can I just tell you all the money we saved on formula! Sheeesh! I am also glad to be done with that part. It was good and all, however, there were a couple months in there when I had more of a relationship with my breast pump than my husband. Poor guy.

Okay, has anyone seen the I Can't Believe It's Not Butter commercial with Megan Mullally dancing around with a produce guy singing about a tub of butter? What?! Yeah, the first time I saw it I thought it was a joke...and then it kept going and then it was a legit commercial...and then I was sad. Really? The Karen Walker I knew would never sell out to dance a little jig in the freezer section while singing a strange jingle-ized version of an 70's dance song! Seriously? Turn the tub around?! Please stop and let me remember you from 'Will and Grace' as the hilarious Karen and not that lady from 'Will & Grace' who sings in a cheesy commercial for I Can't Believe It's Not Butter!

I suck at blogging. It makes me sad. I love my blog and I love to blog and someday I'll be able to look back and laugh at IZ's silly stunts and how much food EB can pack away. I suppose it's not really about who's reading it or how many comments I get, but sometimes I feel like there's no one even out there. I really would like to be more dedicated to it and give it the old college try. And I will. Because really, even though I'm not "talking" to anyone per say, most days it's the most adult interaction I get!!

I suppose that's enough tonight. If you made it through all that I'll send you a cookie...that is in EB doesn't get to them first...


Crapo Six said...

I love your blog and read it every time!!! Sending Love -Kim

Sandi said...

You and I don't really know each other all that well....but your blog inspires me! You are an amazing woman and your family is incredibly blessed to have you to blog about them! Keep it up! I couldn't get through the week without reading what you have to say and laughing right out loud! :)

tiburon said...

I don't think you suck at blogging at all! I think you do a terrific job!

And really, I am all that matters ;)