September 24, 2010

Friday Confessional

Hey everybody! It's a Friday! Yahoo! Time for another installment of Camie's ridiculously odd yet self amusing life! Hey, maybe I should change my blog's name to that! Yeah, I can see it now. Not weird at all... Anyway let's roll!

  • I had an impromptu party at my house last night.
  • It was a ball.
  • And by impromptu I mean we planned it three days in advance.
  • It's a good thing too because had I had more time
  • I probably would have gone a touch overboard.
  • Hi, do you know me?
  • I'm cool like that.
  • And I go crazy with things.
  • So I just made cupcakes
  • with cute toppers.
  • And some matching napkins
  • and cups
  • balloons
  • and flowers.
  • And my birthday banner I made.
  • Okay I'm done.
  • I know, I know.
  • Don't even say it.
  • But for real, it was a lot of fun.
  • And my kids had their first real life bona fide paid babysitter last night!
  • How sad is that?
  • I mean seriously, I need to get out more!!
  • And get this
  • I didn't take one picture!
  • Not one!
  • Whoa, I know.
  • I was too busy chasing frosting covered kids
  • and taking away toys.
  • I saved one cupcake
  • I was going to take a picture to prove it's cuteness.
  • Izacc ate it this morning.
  • I honestly don't even know how he got to it
  • It was pretty high up on the shelf.
  • Now I'm a little scared.
  • There's basically nowhere I can hide stuff apparently.
  • Speaking of Izacc, school is going much better.
  • We've had a few lessons in following directions
  • And now he's in the groove.
  • And another thing, he is making strides in his speech.
  • Usually he says, "taynt new" for thank you.
  • Last night he said "thank you"
  • I know!
  • My little man is growing up.
  • Oh sadness.
  • There was a bird in the fireplace today.
  • That's a fun noise.
  • And thing to have happen.
  • Birds.
  • And my little one just puked bananas all over the rug.
  • Lovely visual, I know.
  • I'm sorry.
  • How is your day shaping up?
  • Gotta jet!


Kimi said...

I like to plan my parties weeks in advance but then never actual prepare for them until sometime the day of. I'm thinking together...we would be a hell of a party planning team. I could could execute. It would be a thing of beauty.

Bananas are gross. Just sayin. I can't even bring myself to touch them once the kids have held them and they are all gooshy. ICKS.

Kellie said...

Sounds like a fun party. Too bad about the cupcacke- I'd love to see some yummy creativity.