September 28, 2011

We Want To Know

It's time for another exciting episode of We Want To Know Q&A Wednesday
Hosted by Mamarazzi and Alicia aka Queso.

#1  What is one thing (food or drink) that you MUST have everyday?
Right after I had Amelia, I was having a vanila shake like every day.  Then that got expensive so I switched to just ice cream.  Then I decided I was becoming a fatty.  So I gave that little habit up.  And now, well, I hate HATE to admit it but I have to have a soda.  Diet soda.  Diet Mt Dew, Diet Dr Pepper, heck I'll even go for Diet Coke in a pinch.  Just something bubbly and cold and delicious.  Now don't worry, folks.  I know I'm a nursing mama and I do make sure and get my 64oz of H2O every day, but I also have a little bubbly treat too.

#2  What is your "go to" food when you don't feel well/need comfort?
When I'm not feeling well, I am a total walking cliche for sure!  Toast, bananas, jello juice, 7-up or sprite, mandarin oranges, crackers, chicken soup, you get the drift.  Always hits the spot when I'm not feeling my best. 

#3  Is there a dish that you make that people request when they visit your home/a family favorite?
Well, besides my Magic Brownies, which are super fantastic btw, I have a super awesome recipe for lasagna, a pretty amazing pretzel salad, a perfected chocolate chip cookie, My Daddy really likes when I make chili, but it's never spicy enough for my hubby.  Gosh I cook a lot.  Which means I eat a lot.  Oh man!

#4  What are 3 food you have TRIED and do not like and will NEVER eat again?
Oh man!  I am oh so the picky eater.  My best buddy told me the other day that I eat like a little kid.  Ah well.  It's hard to think of three foods that I will never try again because there are a ton of foods I've never even been willing to try!!  But hmm, SHRIMP for sure!  Ew, barf.  I have tried to like them, tried them cooked different ways and it's a no go, friends.  Hates me some shrimp.  Secondly DEVILED EGGS.  Oh sick crap.  Please no.  And how about condiments in general!  PICKLES, KETCHUP, MUSTARD, ect.  I like ranch.  That is the only condiment for me.  The end.

#5  What's one thing that you love to eat that most people would think is weird and/or gross??
You're talking to the wrong member of the fam here.  I don't eat gross things.  My hubby on the other hand, well, that's a whole post for another day in and of itself.  I suppose the weirdest thing I eat, which isn't even very often, would have to be carrots dipped in cool whip.  I know, weird.  But not necessarily gross.

Mmm,now I'm hungry thinking of all this food...
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VandyJ said...

This is the second place I've seen pretzel salad mentioned. I've never heard of pretzel salad before.

allstarme said...

I recently found out that my mother doesn't like shrimp, which surprised me because she made it for us all the time. Weird!

dddiva said...

Ha I was going to say what Vandy said- what on earth is pretzel salad?

As for condiments- I like them better than food. LOLOL

sarajo said...

Cool whip is gross. lol!

Oh my, you are a picky eater! It's alright, give me all the "gross" stuff. I'll eat it! :D

becca said...

i agree about the shrimp yuck and magic brownies do i dare ask for a recipe "wink"

Mamarazzi said...

ok i will make dinner and YOU bring the Magic Brownies...ok?

thanks for linking up!!

Alicia said...

magic brownies...whaaaaatt??? sign me up for those! lol...and cool whip is on my 'will not eat' list! i can't handle it at all!!