September 10, 2011

How To Have A Bad Day

I have a stove.
It looks like this.

I picked it out myself.
And it is a great stove.
Matches the rest of my kitchen.

Today I was in my kitchen.
And I was feeding the baby
And trying to help my young son
And walking towards my oldest son
And I tripped
Babe in arms
And I kicked a little chair
It looks like this
And it bounced off the floor.
And then there was an explosion.
And now my stove looks like this.

I sorta want to puke.

It was a bad day.



Ashley Cook said...

Oh Cami! I would want to puke too. I'm so sorry!

Sarita said...

oh my! My hubby and I just collectively gasped! Which kids' bank account will the repair come from? I would vomit with you but I am anti vomit so no go!

Saimi said...

Oh my gosh! You have every reason to want to puke, but cleaning up glass and puke...oh the horror!

Erika@Oops! I Craft My Pants said...

Oh, wow! I am so sorry! That has got to be stressful. I'm so sorry. Can it be fixed?