September 23, 2011

Friday Confessional: Blah


It is another Friday and I am back to confess what I've been feelin'.  Hold on, friends.  It could get intense...oh who am I kidding?!  My life is the world's most boring life ever!!  But here are some confessions nonetheless.

I confess...

  • I am disgruntled about autumn.
  • I 100% hate this time of year.
  • I know, I must be crazy, right?
  • Everyone loves it from what I've been reading.
  • I do not.
  • I hate that the days are getting shorter.
  • I hate that it's getting colder.
  • I hate having to rake the leaves a million times.
  • No more going to the park.
  • No more going for walks.
  • (Everyone just gets cold and complains.)
  • This time of year just has a feeling about it.
  • I can't really explain it.
  • I have been pregnant twice now and sick as a dog this time of year.
  • And it always reminds me of that.
  • Like the smell of pumpkin.
  • Reminds me of morning sickness.
  • Which is sad because pumpkin is super yummy.
  • Ah well, I'll get over it I suppose.
  • I always do.
  • It just seems like the days are dragging by.
  • I'm SO bored.
  • I seriously feel like I'm in some kind of solitary confinement.
  • Well, solitary with my kids, ha ha.
  • Maybe I need to get out more.
  • Also, my birthday is in about a month.
  • dread.
  • I've decided I'm skipping it this year.
  • I hate the ugly number that is staring back at me.
  • Yes, definitely skipping.
  • I am having my first ever giveaway on my blog.
  • It's been fun so far,
  • Seeing who will sign up and play along.
  • My husband has been pimping me out on Twitter.
  • So sweet of him.
  • Not sure that it's even working, but sweet of him anyway.
  • There's still time to enter, by the way.
  • Feel free to check it out if'n you wanna.
  • Some sweet software up for grabs.
  • My little Mia is getting so big so fast!
  • She'll be 15 weeks on Saturday.
  • She's so dang fun.
  • She talks all the time.
  • Making noise and smiling and laughing.
  • I love it all so much.
  • I wish this part lasted a little longer.
  • It's no wonder some people have 7, 8, 9 kids.
  • They are so SO cute when they're little.
  • Just like puppies and kittens ha ha ha!
  • Yeah, I just compared my babies to pets.
  • Pets probably have more hair than my babies.
  • They got the short end of the stick when it comes to hair.
  • Sorry dudes.
  • My bad.
  • Big ol' bald babies.
  • I love 'em!!
  • And you'll never guess what they want to be for Halloween.
  • Well, the biggest oldest one anyway.
  • I'm gonna make the other two just go along with it.
  • More to come on that later.
  • But trust me, it's gonna be cute.
  • Well, maybe I'll go pull out some decorations and cheer this place up a little.
  • And put away my maternity clothes because I'm SO over those babies.
  • Well,I'm not over having babies.
  • Just over the wearing of the "room for baby" clothes.
  • Gonna go find my regular clothes and all will be well with the world.
Now go link up and play along!  You know you wanna.  Come on!  Do it.



VandyJ said...

September has been a weird month. It was like blammo fall here ya go!
I ready for snow--just to end the allergies, but I can really do without the cold mornings hot afternoons. That's the part I don't like about fall--you need the parka in the morning, but by afternoon, you need the shorts and tank top. Frustrating.

Sarita said...

I love it! Wait until you go through menopause and perimenopause! It helps with the hot flashes! Whew! Amelia sure is growing! Watch some football and enjoy fall!

PS I HATE pumpkin!

becca said...

great list of confession and how sweet of hubby to pimp you out.

dddiva said...

This year has been very odd, weather wise. I am a summer person myself. I find fall, before the holiday decorations come out- dreary.

You have a darling family. :)

sarajo said...

I hate pumpkin. Don't like it at all.

Fall is ok, I prefer summer.

7 is our magic number! Seriously, we want 7 kids! Only 2 more to go!! :D I pray for twins. lol!

Mamarazzi said...

Sept can be a weird month for me. its coming down off of Summer and knowing the long days are coming to an end. i take all month to prepare myself for Fall. i decorate for Halloween early hoping to push through the month quickly...once Oct arrives i feel muuuuuch better.

thanks for linking up!!

Shan said...

I feel that way about summer. Almost everyone thinks it's so wonderful, but summer drives me crazy.