September 13, 2011

Brown Paper Packages...

Early Monday morning there was a knock at my door.
(Well, actually it was a ding of the doorbell, but the other way sounds more dramatic.)
We looked outside to see who could possibly be outside at such an early hour,
and to our surprise, THERE WAS NO ONE THERE!!!
(dun dun duuuuunnnnnnn)

But there was this box...

HOORAY!! A package!! 

There were little messages written all over the box. 

So cute, right?!
We opened it up right away and what did we find?! 

OH so much pink!!
I love it! 

And a sweet note from my swap partner Leah.

AND a little something for my two best buddies.
How sweet and thoughtful is that?! 

(It did not have anything pink inside!) 

Ian was SO excited!
It was full of balloons and M&Ms and growing dinosaurs.
It's like she crawled into my boys brains and knew exactly what would make them happy. 


And I went to work opening the pink packages.
My oh my.
The fun stuff that was to be found!
Nail polish, bubble gum, pedicure kit, note cards, body wash, chocolate. 

So many goodies!  I loved everything!
She even threw in a onesie for my Miss Mia, which was so super sweet of her! 

And the sweetest pair of earrings!  They are so dainty and cute!  I love them!
(They're right here in the center, on a brown piece of paper)

There's even a pink composition notebook!  Seriously?!?
SO I loved it all and I feel like the luckiest girl on the planet!
I am so glad to have made a new friend and to be able to keep in touch with her.
We were a perfect match up for sure!
Thanks Mamarazzi for making it all possible!
And a super special thanks to LEAH for the fabulous gifts she sent!
You're the best, little lady!  
Thanks again!!




VandyJ said...

That is one awesome package!

Tami's Eclectic Corner said...

Leah is awesome! She and I were swap partners for the "favorite things" swap! She is so thoughtful! I just love that girl!

Megan Harmeyer said...

OMG I love all that stuff!! And nail polish?! WIN!! You got a great package of pink goodies - FUN!!

Mamarazzi said...

FABULOUS!! So much PINK, i am swooning here as a fellow pink lover!

Leah always puts together such a thoughtful package. i am glad you love what she sent you!

becca said...

awesome package and i love your little ones expression at his gift too cute

missy. said...

that is so awesome! i love that she included something for your kids.. such a great idea. xoxo

Myya said...

Holy Pink Goodness!!! You got some awesome stuff. I love it when someone thinks about my kids, so sweet.

sarajo said...

Awesome! Leah was my swap partner a while back, she was awesome then too! You are a lucky gal!!

lynn said...

That's a lot of pinkness! I love that those composition notebooks come in all different colors now, I have a purple one.

{leah} said...

I'm so glad that you like everything. Aren't the earrings cute! My friend makes them.

Boys are easy... balloons... candy... growing dinos = happiness! I'm so glad they like their little package.

It was so fun shopping for you!!!