June 1, 2010

Adventures In Baby Food Making

When I was a new Momma, I was pretty sure that there was nothing better than the packaged baby products. Boy was I a sucker! Sheesh! In addition to the millions of dollars in formula we spent that first year, I would buy baby food and treats and juice. As long as it was made for babies, man, I was all over it. Once a month, I would buy my baby food. That’s right, I would buy 15 packages of fruits, 15 packages of veggies, (they come in packs of two you see) and 30 “dinner” meals. And Izacc ate them, so yummy.

Problems arose, however, when he decided he was going to be feeding himself and never, NEVER was I allowed to put any utensil near his mouth. So he ate things himself, but things that require a spoon were left off the menu since his abilities to conquer the spoon were yet to be developed. Peanut butter sammaches, beans, cheese, eggs. I know I made a lot of mistakes with Izacc when it comes to his eating habits and he is by far one of the pickiest eaters I’ve ever met.

So this time around, I changed things up. I gave Ian avocado as his first food. I fed him food from the table. I bought a food grinder and fed him what I was eating. I bought baby food when I was traveling or in a pinch, but for the most part, he ate what I ate.

And guess what?! He eats EVERYTHING!! Everything. It’s amazing. He’s a little Hoover and it floors me the difference between he and his brother’s eating habits.

Sunday dinner for example.

Yummy sirloin roast, mashed potatoes, steamed broccoli, salad with hard boiled eggs and cheese.

Ian: meat, potatoes, eggs, cheese, broccoli, more eggs, more potatoes.

Izacc: Hot dog…mashed potatoes…an egg white…tiny slice of cheese.

It’s almost funny, you know, until the little one is bigger than the big one.

I guess we’ll cross that bridge when we get there.

But when Ian was starting to eat food, I decided that I could just make my own “baby” food rather than spend a fortune on the same stuff.

When I had Ian, I received some samples of a milk storage freezer container called Snappies.

Ever heard of them? Yeah, me either. They were cute and I was lukewarm about them until I used one.

It was awesome. I won’t go into a lot of detail here, but they look like this:


I was just going to buy a few of them because they were about a buck a piece. Pricey little devils! But then my overspending, overdoing, thoughtful husband intervened and demanded suggested I spend less by buying more.


So you could get 12 for $12, 24 for $23.95, 100 for $36 or 200 for $80.

Do you see where I’m goin’ here?

Three to five days later, I have a box of 200 Snappies, twenty bags of ten.

Pumping and pumping months go by and I’ve used a lot, but not all of the sweet little Snappies.

They hold 2.3 oz and that’s just about perfect for baby food.

They have an opening just bigger than a baby spoon.

And they’re made to freeze…

DSC_3277 DSC_3253 DSC_3270 DSC_3272 DSC_3274 DSC_3276

So pretty!

With the help of this website and a little product by the name of Fruit Fresh,


my peaches were yummy, my bananas were the perfect shade of white-ish yellow-ish banana-ish cream, my pumpkin tasted delicious, and they all stood up to the freezer test. Even when they thawed, they stayed the beautiful shade they started out with. And, of course, baby gobbled them right up! Well, the food, not the Snappies…of which I still have three unopened bags…

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Michelle Nielson said...

o my goodness this is such a good idea!! i am totally gonna try that with kendra. you have no idea how picky of an eater jaxon is!! seriously, the things he will eat is like under 10 items!!!!