June 3, 2010

Cut off thine hair…

Little one is 13 months old now. DSC_5439

And his hair is still practically not there, well, except for this mess.


SO enter mommy and her shears…and clippers.

And suddenly we went from cute little baby… DSC_5445

…to terrifying toddler.


He was a trooper, no crying, no squirming.

He must have an amazing cosmetologist of a mommy…DSC_5448 …or maybe it was just the help of a little licorice.

The other two also got their haircut.

Izacc’s faux hawk is back, per his request.

And Ian can wear one too, just like his brother.

And I would like to know


if it’s too much to ask


to get just one


decent picture of my boys?!


So close…

Seriously, I give up.



This one wouldn’t have been SO bad except I totally chopped off Izacc’s hair! Whatever. Maybe next time.

1 comment:

Michelle Nielson said...

awww camie!! your kids are the cutest!!! haha you are halarious!! it is hard trying to take a pic of just one kid, let alone two kiddos!! so i say you did a pretty dang good job!! :D