May 28, 2010

Friday Confessional: You're a transponster!!

Yo. Hows it goin? Yeah I'm good, thanks. Let's begin shall we?

  • I have been doing transcription work.
  • Quite a bit of transcription work.
  • And I'm trying desperately to get done.
  • I think it's due, what, tomorrow?
  • I have 19 minutes left.
  • Should be able to knock it out of the park in no time.
  • SHOULD be able
  • I'm getting pretty quick.
  • But I can only work when the kids are asleep
  • which has been a few hours in the afternoon and a couple at night.
  • But it seems my children's naps are getting shorter and staggered.
  • One goes down.
  • Then the other.
  • Then I work for MAYBE 5 minutes.
  • Then first one wakes up
  • wants to be held
  • does NOT want to be in playpen
  • so we play and hang out for a while.
  • Kid seems tired, so back to bed
  • moment of peace which usually finds me in the bathroom
  • second babe awakes
  • and its all over.
  • needless to say I've had this particular project for well over a month.
  • bah whatever.
  • I'm almost done!
  • Let's do the happy dance!
  • It was a lot shorter than some projects I've had.
  • I once did one that was 424 minutes.
  • 424
  • I wish I had a nickle for every minute I listened to that old man talk.
  • I'd have a crapload of nickles.
  • Luckily, I get a little more that a nickle per minute.
  • Or else the pile of laundry, the sink full of dishes,
  • the sad neglected kids who are tired of watching Spongebob and eating off the floor*
  • would almost be not make it worth it.
  • Whatever, it's not worth it, who am I kidding.
  • But every little bit helps.
  • Even if they are only nickles.

*Just for clarification, I do not in any way advocate using the television, especially Spongebob as a babysitter! That's just what happened today. Don't judge me, I'm on a deadline here!!!! And they eat off the floor by choice...

Now go play!


Nancy E said...

Your post made me smile today.... nice work. :)

Glamazon said...

Aw, honey, no judgment here! The TV is my best babysitter ever.

I'm over here doing the happy dance for you-yay for being almost done!

coletrainwilkes said...

Who said that the TV is not a good babysitter? I'll cut a hoe that says that!