June 11, 2010

Friday Confessional: Utah Again

Hey pals. What's up?
Have you been over here lately? Because I really think you should go.
She's fabulously awesome and I luff her.
Anyway, onto the goods.
Here we go.

  • Here I am, back in Utah.
  • I am helping/chaperoning/tagging along with a youth conference.
  • I'm leaving my babies with their daddy overnight.
  • YIKES!
  • I've never done that before.
  • In fact, Ian and I haven't been apart since August 2008.
  • I'll give you a second to think about that...
  • Anyway,I hope they'll be ok.
  • I'm a little nervous about it to be honest.
  • But I'd rather they be an hour away rather than 4.
  • You know, just in case.
  • So I was just going to come down and go back.
  • But then brilliant hubby that I have suggested staying.
  • And then we just decided to stay the week.
  • Next Saturday is going to be the best baby shower to ever be thrown.
  • It's true.
  • It's going to be ledgen
  • wait for it
  • dary.
  • Yeah, that's right.
  • Remember the first birthday party?
  • Yeah, this party's gonna blow it out of the water!
  • I'm excited.
  • It will be super fun.
  • I hope I'm ready in time.
  • I have a ton to do still.
  • I've been preparing for weeks
  • I'm still not done.
  • Oh man.
  • We went to Pizza Hut last night.
  • When my 3 year old asked for a box for his leftovers,
  • I think the waitress told him that boxes are pretty BA.
  • B.A.
  • As in bad ass?
  • Because if you're into teaching my three year old his second* naughty word, well, we ourselves will have words.
  • He asked me what she said.
  • I told him brilliant and awesome.
  • He doesn't need to know really.
  • Maybe thats what she meant.
  • Brilliant and awesome.
  • B.A.
  • Is it just me or is the slang getting weirder?
  • I thought a BA was a bachelor's degree.
  • And I'm pretty sure you don't need one of those to get a Pizza Hut box.
  • Or give one for that matter.
  • I need to go to bed.
  • I've got a big day of chaperoning/helping/tagging along to do tomorrow.
  • It should be pretty BA.
*Hell has been his word of chioce as of late. See sidebar for more detailed info on that little gem.


Brittney said...

hahaha BA ive never heard that before but how strange if it really does mean bad ass to say it to a 3 yr old! LOL! Have fun on your trip and try not to worry to much. I went to a whole other state and left my 2 yr old with my hubby for a week.. I worried like crazy but it was a nice break for me :)

Oka said...

BA...Bad Attitude, isn't that what B.A. Baracus's name stood for??? LOL

Also my FIL's initials and the boys (his sons) tease him about Bad Attitude.

I think you will have a great trip and a lesson will be learned by the babies and their dad.

I loved reading Izacc's Words of wisdom.

Stasha said...

B.A. could mean Big Appetite? Maybe? LOL

Not sure that's a new one on me, LOL!

The Collard Clan said...

I'm surprised you even had pizza leftover to ask for a B.A box! We never have left over pizza -- thanks to me...I could eat pizza until I B.C (Blow Chunks)...Which would explain my B.B (Big Butt)...but I'm totally fine with almost B.C'n and having a B.B because pizza is DELICIOUS! :-)

Glamazon said...

Aw, you're in Utah? Now we can totally hang out :) Nothing like getting your swearword education from a waitress :) Good luck on your overnighter!