September 22, 2009

A Complete How To Guide: Invitations

Want to make the world's most adorable baby shower invitations? No sweat! Just follow my simple step-by-step instructions and in no time you can be enjoying fabulous invitations of your very own.

In my search for the perfect template, I ran across this little beauty.
I said to myself, "Self, I could make that. I mean how hard could it be?" So I set out on my mission and here is what I found: not as easy as once suspected. However, they are pretty dang adorable, so I say worth it. Here we go.

First, find the most darling paper you can find.

Fold paper so that edges meet in the middle. (Might want to measure just to make sure it's not lopsided. I'm just sayin'...)

Then you want to fold it again, the exact same way only lengthwise. I mean, on a 12x12 piece of paper, there's really not a "lengthwise", but you get my drift, right?

Next, you draw4 circles on each end of the paper and then cut around them. It's easier to do this, I found, by tracing a bowl over the edges. And you might want to use a glass bowl and not a tupperware plastic bowl that doesn't hold it's shape and you get three done before you realize that your circles are a little, um, retardo. I'm just sayin...

You're going to need some plain paper in coordinating colors, or non-coordinating if that's how you roll. Whatever, I'm not here to judge. Cut them to the size of your squares in the middle of the paper, which happen to be 6" x 6"
Then you use something sticky to place the small squares onto the large paper. Sticky as in rubber cement or adhesive roller dots, not sticky as in gum or peanut butter. I'm just sayin...

Next, play with your adorable babies because they need attention too!

You'll want to get some ribbon in, again, coordinating colors. Or non-coordinating. Whatever.

Then let your creative juices flow as you place ribbon diagonal across your wording for the invitations. And tie some bows. Millions and millions of bows. Ug.

Place the bows over the ribbon on the invitations and use a bit of hot glue, or something else sticky, remembering the above mentioned rule as to what kind of sticky is and is not acceptable.

Next, you're going to want to dress up you big fat baby like a farmer. The reasons for this are um numerous because I don't think fourfold is a word. One: baby is large and in charge and if he doesn't wear said clothes now, he never will. Two: baby needs to be dressed. Three: baby is cute and fun to dress up. And four: it is just time for a break.
Next take the little scraps from the 12"x12" papers make them squares. Or triangles. Or hexagons, although that might be a bit too much work for what we're aiming for here. Again, not judging.

Use said shapes as backgrounds for any inserts you'd like to place in invitation. You know, like directions or where mother-to-be is registered or your favorite sandwich. Not that it matters to me, but why exactly you'd sent out invitations with your favorite sandwich included is a little weird. I'm just sayin...

Next, place the inserts on the finished invitation face, like so.

Then have yourself a little snack. Come on, you know you want some.

Next fold up the invitations so that they look like this:

And press them with your iron. Or car, but that might make them dirty and will probably ruin them. But hey, it's your prerogative.

Next you'll want to find the cutest and most annoyingly adorable sickly sweet baby girl stickers you can find.
Place aforementioned stickers on the seam, so that they will remained closed during shipping. The last thing you'd want is some unsuspecting mail carrier accidentally opening the invitation and finding out what your favorite sandwich is, right?

Then you address those puppies and mail them out.
See? Simple as that. Hopefully it won't take you a week to finish them. Ahem.


Tara Ann said...

How adorable are you?!? I love those! I wish I was half as talented as you are!

Jamie said...


The Butler Family said...

Too Cute!

Lisa and Jacob said...

How cute are those?!!!!

The Boob Nazi said...

If I ever get married, will you please make those for me???? PLEASE?!

Carolynn said...

Camie, that was one of the funniest things I have read in a long time. I was in great need of that, thank you. :) They are adorable, by the way. :)