January 30, 2009

Camie Needs...

Ha ha! I have seen this on quite a few blogs and just had to try it! Okay, I'm bored and my husband had won't be back til tomorrow so...

Google your name and "needs" and post the top 10 things that YOU NEED!

1. Camie needs your suggestions and positive comments. (Hey, who doesn't want positive comments?)

2. Camie needs a new home. (aww, is there something wrong with the one I've got?)

3. Camie needs and audience. (ha ha, this one is funny...and if you know me, well, then you know how true...)

4. Camie needs a high-powered lubricant? (um yeah. Next...)

5. Camie needs to know numbers of people coming so that he has an idea of numbers expected etc etc. (well, who doesn't right? I mean it's just common courtesy people come on!)

6. Camie needs to correctly ink the design. (Yes I'm sure I would if I were a tattoo artist)

7. Camie needs to stop getting kidnapped so many times already. (boy do I ever...wait, what?)

8. Camie needs a blog. (um no, I already have one thanks)

9. Camie needs sources or references. (again, I'm sure I would, were I doing something that required such things.)

10. Camie needs all the floof she can get. (again...what?)

On an interesting note, I found out that there is such a thing as the Camie awards...CAMIE is an acronym for "Character And Morality In Entertainment". The CAMIE awards are given to films which emphasize character and morality. They were established to "encourage the production and awareness of outstanding, uplifting, and entertaining motion pictures with positive role models for building character, overcoming adversity, correcting unwise choices, strengthening families, living moral lives, and solving life’s problems with integrity and perseverance."

--too funny, no?


Shan said...

Google told me that I need to see you again. Obviously it knows me well. ;)

Fawsons said...

What a fun post. And I am so with you on the Dr. Pepepr!!

NICKI said...

too fun but i dont know how you did this!